Quarantine surprise: a dolphin in the Paraná river and cows in Puerto Madryn

As quarantines spread through the coronavirusThroughout the world, nature takes back “its rights” in cities empty of inhabitants.

We showed the swans in Venice, but that was just a preview. Because users of TN and The People They also shared images of the animals they saw in their neighborhoods, such as ducks in Córdoba, the coatis in Misiones and the yacarés in Formosa.

Now, from a collective boat they were able to record a dolphin while swimming calmly in the Paraná river.

From the Paraná Delta Biosphere Reserve they identified the animal as a “Bottle nose dolphin“a species in Danger of extinction. So they ask people if they see it again to record it and contact them to return it to the sea.

Another beautiful and totally atypical postcard was seen this weekend in the city of Puerto Madryn, where the beaches are closed by quarantine.

Thus, in the absence of humans, a group of cows approached the El Doradillo beaches, located a few kilometers from the city of Chubut.

Cows walking along the El Doradillo beach. (Photo: Facebook / Maxi Jonas).

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