quarantine in Mongolia for an outbreak

Medieval plague resurfaces in Asia, two suspected cases of individuals contracting “groundhog plague” were identified

As if it was not enough with the fight against coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) that the world has been running since the beginning of the year, now comes bad news from Mongolia, which is affected by a quarantine in its western region, which borders Russia, after having identified two suspected cases of Black Death, the medieval plague that continues with remnants today due to the consumption of groundhog meat.

From the Mongolian National Center for Zoonotic Diseases (NCZD), they noted that laboratory tests confirmed that two unidentified individuals contracted “the plague of marmots” in the Khovd region.

In addition, the Center clarified that it had arranged the quarantine for the provincial capital and one of the region’s districts, some 500 kilometers south of the southern Siberian republics of Tyva and Altai.

As a consequence of this, the Vehicles were temporarily banned from entering the region. The NCZD stated that it had analyzed samples from 146 people who, in its opinion, had contact with the two infected people and identified 504 individuals who had a second contact.

According to the latest known data, the Moscow Times reported that victims were a 27-year-old man and a young woman of unknown age.

As a consequence of the outbreak, vehicles were temporarily banned from entering the region

What was the black plague?

In the middle of the 14th century, between 1346 and 1347, the largest plague epidemic in the history of Europe, only comparable with the one that devastated the continent in the time of the Emperor Justinian (VI-VII centuries).

From that moment, the Black Death It became an inseparable traveling companion of the European population, until its last outbreak in the early 18th century.

However, evil never manifested itself again with the virulence of 1346-1353, when it impregnated the consciousness and behavior of the people, which is not surprising. At that time there were other endemic diseases that constantly plagued the population, such as dysentery, influenza, measles and leprosy, the most feared.

The black plague appeared with all lethality in medieval times

The black plague appeared with all lethality in medieval times

Groundhog meat

In the last 24 hours they have been registered two confirmed cases of that life-threatening illness.

Those infected are a young couple, a 27-year-old man and a woman whose age did not transcend, who became ill after consuming groundhog meat without prior cooking.

By consuming the raw meat, the woman’s lungs would have been affected by the Yersinia pestis bacteria – the infectious agent responsible for the disease – and his state of health is considered critical.

The bubonic plague It is a contagious and endemic disease in Mongolia that is transmitted mainly by the bite of infected fleas living on rodents.

In addition, the animal is consumed the dishes known as delicacies for the professional chefs, since it must be done with a specific cooking.

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