Quarantine celebration: the police sang a baby boy a happy birthday from the door of his house

Benjamin She is seven years old and every night at 21 she looks out the window to recognize the work of those who are fighting on the front line against the coronavirus pandemic. On Monday, as he prepared for the applause, he was surprised to discover that this time the recognition was for him. On the occasion of his birthday, the Police of Santa Rosa, in La Pampa, He went to his house to greet him and gave him a badge as a souvenir.

“This is going to be the saddest birthday because I will not be able to celebrate it with my friends,” the boy had told his mother Lourdes. Hearing him, the woman had an idea: wrote a letter with a special request and handed it over to the chief of the Third Police Section in Santa Rosa.

In the letter, Lourdes thanked the officers for their work during the quarantine and explained the reason for her letter: “Today my son is 7 years old and I wanted to ask him what is the possibility that at 9:00 p.m., when the patrolmen leave with the sirens, come to my home to sing or greet my son, since he is not very happy. We had all his party organized and this will make him very happy. From already thank you very much”.

The woman told the agency Telam that he did not believe that he would receive a positive response from the Police, but that He still decided to try.

“He knows what is going through the pandemic, but he thought that by now everything would have happened. The fact of not being able to get together with his friends made him very sad “, Lourdes said.

On Monday at 9 pm the lights of a patrol car illuminated the Fonavi neighborhood, an area of ​​social housing units. Just as he was looking out the window, Benjamin saw the scene: two policemen applauded him as they sang happy birthday.

The officers Lucia Martinez and Fabricio Peña They greeted the birthday boy, blew the siren in his honor, and presented him with a police badge as a memento.

“Mom, it was the most beautiful day of my life. I’m happy, and when I grow up I want to be a police officer, “Benjamin confessed to Lourdes, the promoter of this quarantined birthday experience.

Written by Argentina News

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