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Marketers and administrators will reopen their doors this Thursday, but under a restricted regime. What will happen with mortgages and deeds?

“From total inactivity to something, even if that movement is little, for us it is already enormous.”

In this way, the opinion of the real estate marketing actors could be synthesized at the reopening that will take place from Thursday. The textual is not a fiction: it was contributed to iProfessional by Alejandro Bennazar, president of the Argentine Real Estate Chamber (CIA), who explained details regarding How will the operation be in this first instance of quarantine exit.

Among the references of the sale, beyond the limitations that will govern this return, the return to the offices is taken as a breath of fresh air. Although of course business prevails, symbolically –even also psychologically– The return of the movement within the real estate agencies is also interpreted as a step back to that normality that the Covid-19 took care of burying.

“From the total unknown to being suddenly allowed to enter our offices after the closing in March, well, really it even changes our spirits“acknowledged the manager.

In dialogue with this medium, both Bennazar and other actors in the sale and purchase indicated that, although it remains to know the definitive protocol for the activity, real estate they will return to the activity in the City of Buenos Aires with extended hours -from 11 to 21-, and that limitations will apply to the number of people who may enter the premises.

Also, that at all times the disinfection, the use of chinstraps and alcohol gel, but the most important detail of the explained refers specifically to the type of activities that the agents will carry out and what can be processed in the offices.

In this sense, from the CIA it was indicated that the reopening implies an authorization for administrative work and the resolution of pending contracts. Among other aspects, the return of the movement, said Bennazar, “will allow to resolve different conflicts that were generated in these weeks of paralysis. ”

“We will be able to attend to owners and tenants again, discuss the situation regarding the closed premises and the rental conditions. Also, move forward with the negotiations that began before the quarantine, see what happens with the sale tickets,” he said.

The CIA head argued that although the ticket can be done digitally for a long time, “the custom of the physical option perhaps influenced the definition of some of the operations”.

“The most relevant thing is the return and the possibility of attending, talking about the rents, the contracts. But there are issues that could only come back over the weeks. Above all, because they involve the intervention of the Property Registry and the institution does not yet have authorization to operate“he exposed.

The real estate companies will operate from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and with access to the premises.

Limitations on return

In tone with this, Bennazar explained that, for the aforementioned, the real estate agents in this return “they will not be able to write or make mortgages“and that, given the lack of precision on how the operations should be outside the premises of the marketers, the traditional visits to buildings will not be activated at this stage either.

There are no indications that you can already work normally with notaries and for the moment outside real estate the only thing that was authorized is the movement of removals, that in the City of Buenos Aires is limited at the weekends, “said the manager, who predicted that the possibility of moving forward with the deeds will come into effect in the next two weeks.

Francisco Altgelt, from the eponymous marketer, also noted the limitations set for the return, but maintained that the reopening will bring relief especially for the real estate agencies that manage the collection of rents. Although this item will continue with frozen values ​​until September, represents the main source of economic survival for hundreds of actors in the industry.

“It is understood that the measure to allow the real estate companies to operate goes precisely in the direction of guaranteeing these collections. Outside of the administrative matter, it is very clear that visits to the properties are still not allowed and appraisals are not enabled either” , argued before iProfessional.

The expert noted that “many details are lacking” on the scope of the operation to be activated this Thursday and also exposed the obstacle that implies that the Property Registry does not operate.

“While we can make tickets, to be able to advance with the signature you need a domain report. The reality is that, beyond what applies to scribes, not much can be done just without that report. AND that depends on the Land Registry returning to its usual performance. Without this aspect, this return to activity is symbolic in many aspects, “he pointed out.

The inactivity of the Land Registry complicates the return of the deeds.

The inactivity of the Land Registry complicates the return of the deeds.

Operational details

As points in favor, Altgelt realized both the possibility of redirecting the administration of rents for those real estate agencies that fulfill these functions. And also other movements that will at least justify the return of the staff. “Reservations can be taken, for example. Not to mention sign contracts or of advance with purchase tickets“he stressed.

In dialogue with iProfessionalDiego Migliorisi, managing partner of the marketing company also of the same name, told how the return will be in the different premises of the real estate company. “We have large premises, so the idea is to take advantage of all the spaces to guarantee health care. We can guarantee 35 square meters per vendor, so the possibility of maintaining distances is an aspect that we have assured,” he said.

“This first stage for real estate agents in general will be to reorder the offices internally, that’s for everyone. It also arises from knowing that properties cannot be displayed or maintain contact with clients outside the offices. Internally, we will implement the temperature control kits that we acquired in March and, of course, no one will work without a chinstrap or gel alcohol, “he explained.

Migliorisi also commented that, in health terms, the intention will always be to avoid contact within the premises and to guarantee the safety of employees even outside the real estate business.

“We will cover the fuel and parking for the employees who come in their private car. For those who do not have their own vehicle, we are going to make different remises available. We don’t want our employees to use public transportation given the enormous possibilities of contagion that this implies, “he emphasized.

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