Proaco set monthly sales record, with digital transformation

Grupo Proaco was empowered, along with other companies in the sector, to resume its work yesterday but, during this quarantine, the company headed by Lucas Salim did not stand still. He implemented the digital signature for the notary formalities and launched a new instrument to empower real estate companies.

As a consequence of this movement, she was one of the few developers who continued to do business and in May broke her monthly sales record. “At this time of the month, we have already completed more than 100, it is the highest month in the entire history of Proaco. In April, we had just started with the digital process, but even so, we concentrated almost 60 percent of the operations of the Cordoba development sector, which was almost paralyzed, “said Salim.

The executive, together with Martín Monforte and Luciano Lorenzoni, Commercial and Marketing managers, respectively, made a virtual presentation from their offices on Avenida Sagrada Familia, where they already serve clients with the required biosecurity measures. It was the occasion to present a new stage of the Docta urbanization.

An important leg for the 30 percent year-on-year increase in sales (in which the placement of 80 percent of the Pocito Parking garages that came onto the market a month ago stood out) was digitization.

With the Cyber ​​Lots tool, 200 units are offered and since the beginning of the quarantine 73 operations were closed, 70 percent digitally, for a volume of 200.75 million pesos.

Along with this, a new tool was launched: Digital Broker, through which Proaco chose 15 real estate operators during April, trained them and informed them about all of the company’s products, and they were released 20 days ago. “Fifty operations have already been done with this fully digital, end-to-end model,” said Salim.

With this development, the company aims to sell throughout the country and even abroad. Digitization made more than 35 percent of what it commercialized be outside Córdoba.

“This changes the business perspective. Before we sold in Catamarca, Jujuy, Neuquén, Buenos Aires, but it involved a very large logistics, from moving the seller to the papers. Now, we are looking to add a broker in each of the provinces and we are in conversation in the United States, Spain and England to attract Argentine investors from there, “he added.

Works in action

With the authorization of the works, Salim anticipated that on Monday, June 1, they will resume work at Docta, Opera Park and Pocito, in addition to other smaller projects. Instead, alternatives for Opera Shopping & Towers, in Villa Carlos Paz, are analyzed, since most of the 60 operators live in the city of Córdoba.

This week the third stage of Docta was launched, called the Parque District, adjacent to the central park of the development near Malagueño. It has 1,322 lots that start from 1.8 million pesos and is in the pre-sale phase.

Executives highlighted the versatility of subdivision. Due to construction permits, in a 600 meter lot six units can be built (between duplexes and premises) in format microhousing. They also advance in infrastructure.

The first work is the electric power transformer station, in which more than 210 million pesos have already been disbursed. To start it, a cell that has already been manufactured is missing and Epec must inspect remotely.

The other is that of running water, within the framework of an agreement signed in November with Aguas Cordobesas and two other developers, with an execution period of 24 months. The executive projects have been completed, the borrower has already given the go-ahead and construction has been awarded. Now they are buying pipes, with a total investment of 150 million pesos.

Learned: Park District

It is the third of the five megadevelopment districts.

1,322 Lots. That is the number of plots of the new stage, ranging from 250 to 600 square meters. Prices start from 1.8 million pesos.

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