Palazzo claimed extra bonus and licenses for the reopening of banks

Palazzo sent a note to Minister Moroni, requesting an urgent meeting to discuss the conditions for opening the entities.

The head of the Banking Association (AB), Segio Palazzo, requested a meeting at the Ministry of Labor with the chambers of banking entities, the Central Bank and the National Social Security Administration (ANSES), to discuss the conditions in which the Bank workers will return to work in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, and also asked for an extra bonus and licenses for those who care for retirees and social security beneficiaries.

After knowing the Central Bank circular that establishes that the banks will return to serve the general public from next Monday, with attention by turns previously granted in a virtual way, Palazzo sent a note to the Minister of Labor, Claudio Moroni, requesting “an urgent meeting to raise the health requirements consistent with the measures ordered by the Executive Power.”

According to the note that Palazzo himself published on his Twitter account, the Bank requests that representatives of the chambers that bring together banks, the Central Bank and ANSES participate in this meeting.

The union leader raises the need to establish a Co Covid-19 Protocol ’, in which he lists 14 minimum requirements for occupational hygiene, which include the installation of partitions and temperature detectors.

In the protocol suggested by La Bancaria, it is requested that there be restricted entry of the public, cleaning and disinfection of labor tools every hour, aeration of the property, cleaning of the floors, provision of alcohol alcohol, chinstraps, gloves and antibacterial soap, as well as placement of partitions to protect both the worker and the user.

It also requests the installation of an access door in each bank with temperature detectors, internal circulation signs. In addition, it calls for a reduction of personnel to the minimum necessary, that courses on the handling of hygiene items, a campaign on the use of technologies, and the maintenance of licenses for workers at risk and for the care of school-age children.

Likewise, they request that the mayors, representatives of Civil Defense and members of the security forces be in charge of ordering the lines, maintaining social distancing outside the establishment and cleaning the ATMs. In as much, they request the organisms, like the Anses, that “they announce the payment schedules with sufficient anticipation”.

On the other hand, Palazzo sent letters to the president of the Central Bank, Miguel Pesce; the head of the Association of Specialized Banking (ABE), Gregorio Goity; and the president of the Association of Argentine Banks (ADEBA), Javier Bolzico.

In those letters, which he published on his Twitter account, he requested “extraordinary gratification and special leave for all workers, without distinction of categories, who were summoned to carry out tasks in this instance of national quarantine due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. “

In addition, he remarked that the bank employees “have carried out their tasks Saturday and Sunday and with attention to the public for 7 uninterrupted hours, overtime that must also be liquidated at 100% of their value.”

Finally, Palazzo reminded banks that “similar measures have already been taken in other activities in clear recognition of the affected workers.”

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