Online cheap Chevrolet cars: when and how to participate

It does this through the specialized Narvaezbid auction page. All units are ready to receive online offers. Step by step, how to join

Next Wednesday May 20, GM -which has just closed a historic agreement with Unilever- will auction several used vehicles of the brand Chevrolet through the page Internet specialized in auctions Narvaezbid.

The cars that are available for this initiative are part of the company’s fleet that were used in training or trade shows.

Among the more than 40 lots available are the Cruze, Onix, Spin, Cobalt and Prisma models. While among the 4×4 units, there will also be S10 and SUV’s pickups like Trailblazer and Tracker.

The vehicles are located in Rosario and Zárate, and have a base value of 444,000 pesos. All units are ready to receive online offers and can be seen through the web.

How to participate in the auction

To be able to be part of this auction of GM vehicles, and any of the events on the page, it is first necessary to register and create a username and password.

Chevrolet Sedan 5 doors, one of the models to be auctioned.

To do it, you have to go to the section Sign up at the top of the main screen and follow the three steps necessary to create it. It begins by completing the form, where personal data will be requested and the username and password will be generated. Once this is concluded, an email is sent to the interested party to verify his account: he must click on the link sent and complete the registration there.

The user will be validated within the next 24 hours, through an email with the confirmation and is ready to start operating.

Those who want to be part of a particular auction, must request authorization in the published event.

Participants will receive expenses and auction conditions in your mail and from there you can offer online from anywhere in the country. You can make offers one by one, or leave a maximum amount established.

Once the sale is confirmed, from the website the user who kept the vehicle is contacted to make the payment and manage the withdrawal.

How the auction is carried out

The Official Auctioneer duly registered in the Commercial Board carries out the auction on the date, time and place disclosed in newspapers with great circulation and on the Superbid Portal.

The data of this Chevrolet All Terrain is already available on the site.

The data of this Chevrolet All Terrain is already available on the site.

In cases of judicial auction, it will be the person in charge of the designated official named Audience Doorman.

Bids can be offered live (in person or by telephone from the Customer Service Center), by fax, or by email through the Auction Portal, which will be received, in any of the forms, in real time and under equal conditions.

It is possible to accompany the auction on the web and hear the auction of the goods made by the Auctioneer.

Before starting the same, the Conditions of Sale and Payment of the Auction are read aloud, and the auction of the lots begins, receiving the offers of those interested.

The goods will be sold in the state in which they are located and to whom they offer greater value.

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