On Women’s Day, a man attempted against a shelter for victims of violence

On the night of International Women’s Day, the shelter for victims of gender violence Uguet Mondaca, from Burzaco, was the subject of an attack by the ex-wife of one of the women who is protected there.

The man tried tear down with his car the entrance wall to the shelter. All that to the shout that he wanted to see his wife and children. When women police officers patrolling the area tried to stop him, they went beaten and suffered several wounds.

At that time, the policemen who were inside the shelter came out to contain the situation. Then, the attacker began to crash the patrol car He was parked outside, and dragged an agent who tried to get in the car to stop him. Too threatened and insulted to the women, sons and daughters who were in the place. Everyone had to hide in a room from the bottom of the building to protect yourself.

“Imagine if this violent person does this in public, in front of police personnel, the things to which the victim will have been exposed without anyone being able to help her. There are several complaints against him for very serious crimes, but the prosecution did not ask for his arrest. Unfortunately it is the story of every day: women killed by the lack of justice, “said Marcela Morera, members of Going through Femicide and godmother of the shelter.

“Today, if we had not had the police as custody, maybe we would be talking about a massacre of children and women. It is important that they do not take us out the custodybecause the shelter would be exposed to the violent“said Julieta Mena’s mother, two and a half months pregnant, beaten to death by her partner in Ramos Mejía, in 2015.

In 2018, a police of the Women’s Police Station was sanctioned by reveal in a writing The shelter’s address. The location of these places is secret: for security, every woman who passes by signs a written commitment not to spread it, not even to their relatives.

The Uguet Mondaca shelter was founded by Nancy Uguet, who died recently, at 56 years old.

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