Nine SMEs of agricultural machinery seek to reach Russia

Based on an internationalization plan carried out in the Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers and Agrocomponents of Córdoba (Afamac), and with the operational support of the ProCórdoba Agency, a group of nine local SMEs will seek to land with their products in Russia.

The consortium is made up of the companies Ascanelli (Río Tercero), BTI Agri (Oncativo), Fertec (Marcos Juárez), Ingersoll (Monte Maíz), Mainero (Bell Ville), Metalfor (Marcos Juárez), Pauny (Las Varillas), Sohipren (city of Córdoba) and TBEH (Las Varillas).

“The focus is on Russia from the work of commercial intelligence carried out by the ProCórdoba Agency. It is a large market that is used to negotiating with large companies, so the decision to arrive with a group that offers a wide range of equipment and components, ”said Víctor Baro, head of the company BTI Agri and president of the group.

Although the idea is that it is the group that carries out the negotiations, the sales will be individual and in charge of each company.

With representation of almost all the industries that conform it, the consortium was received yesterday by the Minister of Industry of the Province, Eduardo Accastello, and the Secretary of Industry, Fernando Sibilla.

During the meeting, in addition to presenting the association’s objectives, the industrialists requested official support, especially from the side of financial tools, to carry out foreign trade operations.

“Agricultural machinery is the essence of the development of Córdoba, with technological innovation and employment generation, so we promote its insertion,” Accastello said.

From the ProCórdoba Agency, its owner, Jorge Marcotegui, valued the step taken by the companies to form the group and confirmed the support for the initiative to strengthen their presence in the Eurasian country.

A group with a turnover of US $ 186 million

Under the name of the Agricultural Technology Group of Argentina, the brand new agricultural machinery export group is representative of the development of agricultural machinery in the province. Its nine SMEs have an annual turnover of 186 million dollars and employ more than 2,200 people.

Its product offer includes: hoppers, mixers (mixers and distributors of livestock feed), heads for harvesters, rotary balers, grain baggers, sprayers, fertilizers, discs and sowing bodies, coarse grain seeders and a tractor line that goes from 60 to 370 HP, among others.

“Faced with specific requests, we do not rule out the manufacture of some equipment as a group,” said its president Victor Baro.

The size of the Russian agricultural machinery market gives great potential to the Cordoba initiative. Only in seeders, an item in which the consortium has a presence, Russia demanded in 2019 more than four thousand units, more than double the national market.

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