Next month, Volkswagen Córdoba begins to export the new boxes

Volkswagen Argentina’s Córdoba Industrial Center began manufacturing the new MQ-281 gearbox this month, with the resumption of activities after quarantine.

In the first days of June, it will begin to export this new transmission system to the plants of the German company in the world, as announced today at noon Wednesday by the President for Argentina, Thomas Owsianski

The executive yesterday received President Alberto Fernández and the Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kiciloff, to restart the car factory in Pacheco, Buenos Aires province.

The new normal is the old anomie

In a virtual conference from there, he confirmed that the investment program in this new project, which totals 150 million dollars, continues normally.

The progress of the new MQ-281 box, after the standstill due to the coronavirus pandemic, is important because it will give continuity in the future to the Córdoba plant, which resumed its activities last April 30 with no more than 250 operators.

Last week, almost 700 operators already worked in the gearbox factory and will continue to enter according to the established schedule, as confirmed by María Ángeles Stelzer, director of Corporate Affairs for the German company.

The Cordovan factory was the first of the German group to come out of quarantine in the entire region. Smata expects that in the middle of June, the group of plant workers will range between 800 and 900 people.

“It is good news because Córdoba is a very competitive plant and is considered one of the most modern compared to those in Europe. We must work to maintain this competitiveness, “said Owsianski.

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