New procedure to circulate in quarantine: until when can the old permit be used?

On Saturday evening, May 23, during the press conference, President Alberto Fernández reported the fifth extension of social isolation, preventive and compulsory until Sunday, June 7 inclusive. Based on this new provision, the Executive decided that workers considered essential and for all those excepted by quarantine must renew their circulation permits.

“All those who have a permit today will expire in the metropolitan area. They will have to register again. We are going to return to the point of origin, which is that only workers who provide essential services can enter. That means going back a little,” Alberto announced. Fernandez. The rule, then, applies to all persons who have previously processed circulation permits, including those first excepted who could circulate with the authorizations issued by employers of vital services.

In the Official Gazette published on Sunday, May 24, administrative decision 897/2020 in the health emergency addresses the new “Unique Enabling Certificate for Circulation” (CUHC). Article number 1 determines the validity of the previous permit: “The valid certificates to circulate called‘ Unique Enabling Certificate for Circulation – Covid-19 Emergency ’ expire at 00:00 hours on May 30, 2020, and their holders must proceed to process it again. To this end, they must enter the site ”.

Article number 2 of the norm determines, precisely, the compulsory circulation process for all workers, even those who were excepted by the resolution of the Ministry of the Interior Nº 48/20, through administrative decision Nº 446/20. From the first minute of Saturday, May 30, all those who move through the streets must prove the new circulation permit.

Cabinet Chief Santiago Cafiero advised that those who had the old certificate must possess the new one and that the permit is an obligation of “all persons who perform essential and excepted tasks”. The provision, which bears the signature of Cafiero himself and the Minister of Transport Mario Meoni, adds: “The experience gathered in the application of the aforementioned regulations requires the adoption of new measures that facilitate control by the competent authorities, so in order to help the movement of people is limited to the cases that have been deemed indispensable and / or subject to authorization, discouraging behaviors that seek to avoid the measures provided to protect public health ”.

Step by step, how to carry out the single permit process to circulate:

Step 2: Scroll down to the end of the text and stop at the slogan: “First inform us if you have a DNI.” There click on “Yes” and then click on “Continue”.

Step 3: Select the Argentine province in which one resides. For porteños, click on “Autonomous City of Buenos Aires”. Then click “Continue” again.

Step 4: Specify the reason why one requests the exception. It can be to move to work or for other reasons of force majeure, such as assisting people with mobility difficulties or the elderly. In case of choosing to transfer to work, a new tab will be opened, where a more detailed specification on the applicant’s job title is required. Once these points have been completed, click on “Complete the Form”.

Step 5: Complete the form and pay attention to every detail requested. Once finished, it is important to check the penultimate box that has the phrase “I am not a Robot”, and then click “Request Certificate”.

Step 6: After a few minutes, you will receive confirmation that your application for a registration certificate has been registered correctly. The system itself will confirm this on the same web page. Within 24 hours, each applicant can check the status of their certification on the same website.

Step 7: Once the certificate is completed, you must return to the initial page and click the green button with the phrase “Did you complete the form yet? Download it”. Once this procedure has been completed, re-enter the DNI and DNI Procedure Number (it is registered in the same DNI) in order to receive proof of the request.

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