Neuquén veterinarian will treat animals with cannabis oil

As discussions continue about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis oil, for the first time a veterinary Argentina will provide treatments with this oil for pets affected by chronic diseases.

It’s about the vet VET365 from the city of Neuquén, by José Massabo, who will not sell the substance, but will prescribe its use to reduce anxiety attacks and to alleviate chronic pain, cancer and even epilepsy in dogs and cats.

“The oil and derived substances will not be sold, but it will be prescribed and we encourage self-cultivation so that caregivers can provide the oil to their pets,” Massabo told the site.

The vet will work alongside Paula Lescano and Facundo Ponzo, two professionals who have been studying and working with medicinal cannabis for years.

“We have already informed the Veterinary College, who treated him in commission and gave us his support, “said Massabó and clarified that they did not have to process other permits because veterinarians, like doctors, are empowered to prescribe cannabis as a natural medicine.

The clinic also has a neurology office and a physiotherapy and rehabilitation office, which work in an integrated manner for the treatment and monitoring of pet cases that require the use of this substance.

“There are a lot of pets that have been treating cannabis oil for quite some time; there are many people who use it independently because they take it and give it to their dogs,” said Massabó, adding that “there are other vets who they prescribe it, but not in such an exposed way “.

Another of Massabo’s objectives is that the start-up of this clinic allows statistics to be generated on the number of pets that are treated with this substance, and thus accompany the fight for the legalization of marijuana for its use. medicinal and therapeutic use in those who need it, whether human or animal.

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