more than 10,000 deaths from coronavirus

According to the Government, the positive cases are close to 70,000, but they recognize that “it is plausible” that the actual number of infected is up to ten times higher

With 889 deaths in the last 24 hours, Italy reached 10,023 deaths from coronavirus this Saturday, although it registered a significant drop in new infections.

“Unfortunately 889 people died and there were 3,651 new cases of coronavirus,” the head of Civil Protection, Angelo Borrelli, announced at a press conference.

Thus, the numbers show a slight drop compared to the victims reported on Friday (919) and a significant decrease compared to the 4,401 new infected reported between Thursday and Friday.

Once again, the Lombardy region led the number of fatalities, with 524 deaths in 24 hours, after the 541 registered on Friday.

The number of people recovered also showed positive signs, with 1,434 cured in the last 24 hours compared to 589 reported on Friday.

“This is an encouraging fact,” said Premier Giuseppe Conte in a subsequent press conference.

According to Borrelli, the current positive cases are 70,065, although The official had already stated days ago that “it is plausible” that the actual number of infected is up to ten times higher than the officially registered one.

“If drastic measures had not been adopted, we would have other numbers and the health structure would be in a more dramatic situation,” Borrelli said, defending the restrictions on public movement that the government began to take since March 11.

This week, Italy had recorded four consecutive days with slight drops in the number of new infections, until a rise in cases in Lombardy shot up the figures again on Thursday.

After knowing the new figures, Conte announced an economic plan to dump 4.3 billion euros in Italian towns and a program of another 400 million to help people in difficulty in purchasing basic products, according to the agency Télam.

“We have worked for a high impact plan“, he described it in a direct through Facebook.

As Conte studies how it will extend the restriction measures that expire on April 3, Italy today ruled that All those who arrive must sign an affidavit on the occasion of the trip and the place where they will do voluntary isolation., in addition to undergoing a temperature control at the arrival station.

With the focus contained for the moment in the north, where about 85% of cases are registered, the Italian government today expressed its fear that the measures against the Covid-19 that paralyzed the territory cause riots and looting in the south of the country, after in the last hours a Sicilian supermarket was taken by assault by people who wanted to leave without paying with full shopping carts.

I am afraid that the worries that are going through long swaths of the population for health, wages and the future will turn into rage and hatred if the crisis continues.“the minister for the South, Giuseppe Provenzano, said in statements to the Repubblica newspaper.

“There are social and territorial areas exposed to any adventure,” said Provenzano, amid the closure measures for any non-essential industry that Prime Minister Conte ordered until at least Friday, April 3, and which he has already confirmed will extend this week.

We must act quickly, the democratic order is at risk“he said.

Provenzano’s statements come after a supermarket of the Lidl chain in the Sicilian capital, Palermo, underwent an attempted looting on Thursday, according to a statement detailing that “fifteen people” wanted to leave without paying and had to intervene local police.

Italy expects a peak of coronavirus cases for the next few days, although there are no deadlines to reverse the measures that provide for the paralysis of any industry not considered “essential”, the closure of bars, restaurants and businesses and the suspension of classes in schools and universities.

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