More than 1.7 million people applied for Emergency Family Income

They will charge the $ 10,000 provided by the Government. To obtain it, a data crossing will be made to see that the person does not collect other benefits

More than 1.5 million people signed up to collect the $ 10,000 of the Emergency Family Income (IFE) provided by the Government before concluding the first day of registration, with peaks in income to the page of 1.7 million in noon hours.

According to the National Social Security Administration (Anses), from the first minute of yesterday -when the pre-registration stage began for potential beneficiaries whose identity documents end at 0 and 1- and until 17, 1,448,639 entries were counted ,

The applicative It’s very simple; people have to load their name, surname, ID and CUIL. Then they will receive an enrollment confirmation; after which three more days are going to be enabled so that those who could not load their data can do so.

As the benefit is “family” in nature, the Anses and the Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP) will cross-reference data to see that the person is not collecting other benefits, for example, retirees, who are in a dependency relationship or they collect financial income.

In this sense, the director of Economy, Equality and Gender, Mercedes D’Alessandro, specified that the IFE will be charged by all those people who do not have income because they cannot leave home because of the Social isolation, while for the rest of the sectors the State will advance with other policies.

D’Alessandro specified that the benefit “is intended for people who are informal because the State is giving a large package of measures that covers the rest of society.”

“These are people who, as a result of the quarantine, are not going to have any kind of income, families who are about to lose their income, for example the street vendor, the plumber, the private house workers,” he said.

Pre-registration is done through an application that is on the Anses website.

Today those who have documents ending in 2 and 3 will be able to register; on Sunday those that end in 4 and 5; on Monday the 30th those ending in 6 and 7; and on Tuesday the 31st the cases of documents ending in 8 and 9.

Informal workers, private home workers, social monotributistas and those in categories A and B, should upload their data during the next few days, while those who collect a Universal Allowance for Child or Pregnancy will be automatically added.

The Government is working to establish alternative payment channels for the unbanked sectors.

In this sense, D’Alessandro considered that “half of the universe that is going to be able to apply to this income, AUH or monotributistas, already has a bank account.”

For the rest, he affirmed, there is the possibility that “Banco Nación generates a CBU number without having a card, which allows by means of a code to withdraw money at effective points, such as the Link network.”

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