More profitable business on investment despite coronavirus

Despite the coronavirus, there are profitable deals that can still be done and others may be thought to be done after quarantine

Quarantine by coronavirus it allows many people more free time to think and diagram a project to launch. And for those who already have it, it also serves to adjust their proposal and see what other ideas can be added to expand. Because, know them most profitable business on investment It can be very useful to succeed, even several of them can be carried out in the middle of the pandemic.

Among the businesses with the highest return on investment and they can be done in a massive way, many can be done from your own home and without too many financial resources available. Simply with a computer and connection to Internet It’s enough. Precisely, this lower use of physical resources, but greater intellectual contribution, generates the best cost effectiveness.

To this is added that, by quarantine, the telecommuting it becomes, practically, the only current way to generate income. Here some more examples profitable that can be done with scarce resources at this time or to think after the health crisis is over.

Selling products on social networks

Through the nets social, how Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, It can sell merchandise. For this, you can make a wholesale purchase at some factory and then market it per unit.

To promote it, you can search for the different groups or hashtags that target users interested in the articles that are sold, as artistic areas, hobbiesnature sports, decor, among others.

They can also be offered on the platform Market Free, opening an account and publishing the products. The firm charges a commission in exchange for sales made, and shipments can be outsourced.

The sale of products through social networks is expanding more and more and generates profitable businesses

Design and web applications for SMEs

If you have knowledge of programming Y/ design Web, you can provide a highly demanded service in small and medium-sized companies, which is the assembly and maintenance of Internet as well as the application development for cell phones Y tablets.

It is a task that can be done at home alone, with a computer Y Connection the Internet as the only physical resources. A good place to offer your independent services is Freelancer.

Language teaching and content translation

Master more than one language It can be fundamental not only to perform in other parts of the world, but it allows us to think about self-realizing various business profitable, such as teaching it to other people in a particular way or offering classes online, as long as it is done seriously and giving added value to the task.

How to do it and not to resort to a translator from Google? Make a personalized service asking what kind of public or customer is the service needed and what is the objective. The bottom line is to respond quickly and be helpful.

It can be done remotely thanks to platforms educational virtual (how Zoom, which is free up to 100 participants), or through applications as accessible and daily as WhatsApp Y Skype.

You can also do content translation, such as reportsdocuments articles and even, material multimedia, videos from Business Y movie theater professional.

To subtitle video content, in addition to a computer, a software how can they be Subtitle Workshop, SubtitleCreator, Open Subtitle Editor or SubMagic.

Language teaching and translations are business opportunities

Language teaching and translations are business opportunities

Accounting and tax settlement

Everyone who accountant can be dedicated independently as profitable business is the liquidation of taxes, which includes the accounting of a company or person and process the social charges of the employees.

Create online courses

For all those who know all kinds of topics, both administrative As practices, you can develop a course from distance.

The key to driving this deal profitable is to create a community on-line who is willing to pay for these courses, which can be writing, management of companies, gardening, kitchen, mechanics and endless possibilities that can provide training for improvement. You can also provide a exit laboror teach a Hobbie rewarding to do in free time.

For this it should be borne in mind that quite a lot is required weather to dedicate to develop each class to provide and personalized attention to students to answer queries, clear doubts and correct jobs practical.

They can be broadcast on social networks, sites webs of the themes and others media.

Online courses are increasingly popular due to lack of time and are a profitable business

Online courses are increasingly popular due to lack of time and are a profitable business

Marketer of innovative products

Although trade is currently hit, globalization allows access to large sellers in state United Y China, among other countries, and market their product catalogs through Free market, a own internet site, nets social and shops,

This is usually used for articles of dress, footwear, accessories electrical Y tools, among others, with the premise that the price offered must be the best on the market in terms of the quality offered, compared to the competition.

One of the keys to position yourself is having articles innovators and innovative in the local market. It is a good reference to see launches and make purchases from abroad.

As for Mercado Libre, it is important to know what taxes must be paid when working with this platform.

Temporary rentals to tourists

When the world situation returns to normal after the coronavirus, offer one free space per day from home (one room, garage, local, a basement, among others), can be a way of making a deal profitable, without the need to make a relevant investment. Just by arranging the place and giving it different possible uses, it will add value to the site.

An ideal place for this, and to attract local and foreign tourists, is Airbnb, which provides more profitability than a traditional rental. To do this, you must first register, and then post photos and extensive and accurate descriptions of the spaces that are not being used and the services offered.

The positive is that Airbnb offers insurance for users, and each can define the rules that everyone wants to be respected at home.

The vacation rental app, Airbnb, is a more profitable business than a traditional rental

The vacation rental app, Airbnb, is a more profitable business than a traditional rental

Cosmetics, hairdressing, massages and body care

A group of businesses that do not require large investments are services from watch out personal, as treatments facial, Barber Shop, massages, manicure and other services of beauty. The only thing it requires is the knowledge and ability to do these tasks, so it is in-person.

To perform this type of profitable business, the interested party can train in various courses that exist in the market that can be done in a few months in person or online. And then you can develop your knowledge in a space of the House, in spaces shared or go to home the client’s.

Outdoor exercise classes are also profitable as a business

Outdoor exercise classes are also profitable as a business

Personalized yoga and physical training

A trend that is being imposed with the greatest awareness of caring for Health and carry a lifetime fury, expands a profitable business: provide the service of coach personal to improve physical appearance, lose weight or stay fit for all kinds of people. Also the classes of yoga Y gymnastics individual.

A venture that can be carried out by teachers from education physical. In order to be a personal trainer independently, it is essential to build a network of contacts between friends, known and the own clients in order to expand the knowledge of this service.

Today many coaches use training areas as spaces public, how plazas Y parks. Or, if it takes place, in the clients’ houses.

Gastronomy encompasses many more profitable businesses than the investment made

Gastronomy encompasses many more profitable businesses than the investment made

Custom kitchen

Among the businesses with the highest return on investment are the services of personalized food, vegan Y ethnic at home, for events or packaged to distribute in Offices, restaurants Y seasons from service, among others.

In this business profitable it is key to provide good quality, innovation Y variety in the dishes.

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