More Argentines buy cars for the blue dollar: will stock be missing?

In the sector, they assure that if the stimulus plan presented to the government becomes official, it may be one of the axes of the recovery of the economy.

In the context of the crisis caused by the coronavirus, the number of patented vehicles during May 2020 amounted to 21,015 units and in this way it reaches 115,902 patents accumulated in the first five months of the year.

These data, released by the Association of Automotive Dealers of the Argentine Republic (ACARA), show that the month ended with a flow of patents better than expected although the year-on-year comparison marks a pronounced decline.

In the sector they assure that if the stimulus plan presented to the government becomes official they may be one of the axes of the recovery of the economy.

The sale of 0Km vehicles in April reached 4,385 units, the record for this month lowest in the historical series of activity due to the situation of preventive and compulsory social isolation and the closing of automotive registrations.

According to the entity, the Opening of the salons in a large part of the country, through shifts and strict compliance with the security and distancing protocol, made it possible for customers to have approached with a quite determined attitude to take advantage of the current offers and bonuses, perhaps anticipating that they will be difficult to find later.

The opening of salons in much of the country generated part of the increase in sales

Beyond that we are far from a logical level of activity that allows us to keep our structures operating at 30%, and we see that when we observe the drop of 45% accumulated year-on-year against what was a lousy 2019, it is evident that if the Government can give impetus to the stimulus plan presented, our sector can be one of the engines of the recovery, “said Ricardo Salomé, president of ACARA.

And he added: “For this we must get out of this state of pandemic economy where any comparison against previous months loses reasonableness and where the mood is of just a little relief, at best.”

Cars and blue dollar

The splitting of the exchange market offers interesting possibilities to buy a quantity of goods, whose market value is related to the official dollar, and especially, high-end cars, motorcycles and trucks. It is that, at blue dollar prices, both the cars, the SUVs and the pick ups, were at very competitive prices.

However, whoever has an interest in doing that business must hurry, because it is likely that in a short time no more high-end cars or motorcycles are offered on the market at such a cheap exchange rate.

Until now there was an offer because many dealerships had debts with the automotive terminals and needed pesos to pay them off, explained César Litvin, from Lisicki, Litvin & Asoc.

But, from now on, dealerships will begin to look after the stockBecause it is their working capital, and “they are not going to throw it away,” Litvin emphasized.


At blue dollar prices, cars, SUVs, and pick-ups remained at very competitive prices.

The accountant explained that high-end car and motorcycle sellers They will not be able to continue selling their vehicles to a $ 70 implicit dollar when they don’t know what much greater change they will have to replace

The deal for the car buyer it is turn into the Dollars treasured to pesos through the operation known as dollar MEP.

This procedure is lawful, and can be done with banks and with brokers.

It consists of buying Argentine bonds with dollars (for example, AY 24), having them for 5 business days – with parity risk – and selling them in pesos, said Juan Nicolini, from the Bertazza, Nicolini, Corti & Asoc study.

This procedure is completely legal, and has nothing to do with the Dolar blue, which is an illegal market, and which could not be used because the purchase of new vehicles requires proof of origin of funds. “These are registrable assets, the information of which will be in” my part “of the AFIP,” Nicolini recalled.

That is, you must have treasured dollars, acquired legally, by purchase in the free and unique exchange market, with the documentary support, received by inheritance, legacy or donation, etc., emphasized Nicolini.

If the dollars do not have a justification of legal origin, in addition to the increase in equity not justified for income tax, there will be a foreign exchange violation (subject to the foreign exchange criminal law), he remarked.

I sell to blue dollar and buy officer

The equation made by customers and dealers is simple. In the high-end carsThe price of the dollar they take for a car is the official value, today about $ 69.75 average.

High-end brands, with a boom in consultations.

High-end brands, with a boom in consultations.

However, whoever sells this currency on the other hand, can ask for about 130 pesos for every dollar. This way you will do a better business.

For example, an entry-level model of any of the best-selling Premiums, which is around $ 2,300,000, has a value of $ 33,000 to the official dollar, but you can get $ 17,600 for those who prefer to change the coin.

Thus, an Audi A1 will be available to much more people than previously thought.

On the other hand, a medium SUV, whose values ​​average $ 3,840,000 for a high-end one, its value is $ 55,000 at official value, but it is reduced to $ 29,500 with the blue change.

The Queries started to grow since last Thursday. More and more people are thinking about taking advantage of this moment to do a good business, even if they have to part with the dollars, they know that there are not always opportunities to climb to the high end, “said another seller.

“Personally, I think it is a great time to buy for whoever has the dollars. I don’t remember a moment like this since 2002“said the owner of a network of massive and imported brand dealers.

SUVs, among the favorites to buy with blue dollar.

SUVs, among the favorites to buy with blue dollar.

“In the last few days we have had a lot of inquiries. Also, people start to smell that if the exchange rate goes up, the values ​​in pesos will increase, and here both are happening: more anchored official dollar and the blue climbing, “he said.

In other dealerships, they also assure that they are seeing a lot of movement in the sales salons since the doors reopened, and previously receiving inquiries online. At the same time they clarified: “This applies to a client who has a stronger economic position, not to those who are thinking of taking care of their job or reopening their business,” they clarify.

Premium cars, the taste that many want to give.

Premium cars, the taste that many want to give.

Another comment heard at different points of sale is about interest rates. “The Lower rates can positively influence. You are starting to see a significant money supply from banks and that translates into lower rates. I think it can drive sales of Premium cars and more massive ones, where we see a lot of zero-rate loans, “said a manager at another dealer chain.

Opportunities in all brands

But opportunities don’t just come from high-end vehicles.

On the contrary: those who today have green notes in their possession can also access any of the best-selling models from Argentina to prices that years ago were not observed.

In fact, there are several vehicles that fell below the $ 10,000 line. There are even five of the most patented models that they get between $ 6,400 and $ 7,800.

Toyota Etios, the cheapest in dollars.

Toyota Etios, the cheapest in dollars.

Among the cheapest on the market are models like the Toyota Etios, less than u $ s6,500, followed by Ford Ka– In this case, if you buy in cash, a $ 100,000 discount is offered. In this case, whoever goes parallel with their dollars and pays cash in local currency at the agency, would end up paying close to u $ s7,000.

Then continue Chevrolet Onix, which in the cheapest version called Joy, is offered to $ 7.225, followed by Renault Sandero, to $ 7,700 and the Volkswagen Goal, with a price close to $ 7,800.

Among the best-selling models, above $ 10,000, are pick-ups and SUVs, which are more expensive vehicles because they belong to larger segments. The cheapest is Fiat toro, which could be obtained for a value equivalent to $ 10,300; while at the other end is the Volkswagen Amarok, at $ 16,200 in its entry of range with double cabin.

All these values, as mentioned, would be obtained as long as the buyer has foreign currency in his hands.

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