Minute by minute: how the tragedy that cost Ricardo Centurión’s girlfriend life was unleashed

Fabiana L. was already up. In this quarantine, a Sunday can be a Monday, a Wednesday, any day without distinction. That is why, unlike other days of rest, Fabiana was already with her senses awake even though the clock struck 7 in the morning. He heard a loud, dry noise like a car crash outside his door. I was right.

He went out to see what was happening and found that the Peugeot 208 sheet metal AD220OV had embedded itself against a parked Ford K. Inside the León brand vehicle I was unconscious Melody Fiorella Pasini. Immediately he called 911, the patrol car arrived from police station 2 in Lanús and after verifying that Ricardo Centurión’s girlfriend had passed away, the police communicated with UFI 2 in the area in charge of Estela García, who decided to label the case as Homicide Culposo and to transfer the body to the morgue to do an autopsy.

Three hours later, in the Centurión family’s maternal home, on Deheza street in the heart of Villa Luján, the player’s phone rang. They told him what had happened. The footballer, so many times beaten sometimes by his own attitudes, sometimes by life itself, did not believe it: he looked around and when it was confirmed, broke out in a nervous breakdown. Her cries and screams alerted the neighborhood and it was 10:10 when a woman called 911 for help.. Ten minutes later the call was reiterated because the point of Vélez could not calm down. Until a mobile phone arrived from police station 4 in Lanús and they managed to contain it. The drama was finished.

What Centurion was doing in that place and why the bride was breaking the quarantine, more at such an unusual time, is the first question that arose in the prosecution although the issue of not respecting the government order seems to be the least of this tragedy. As found out Infobae, the footballer and his girlfriend were complying with the obligatory social distancing in the apartment that Ricardo lives in Puerto Madero since his return to Argentina. But on Saturday afternoon he had decided to go see his mother Beatriz to the Villa Luján house in Lanús. The excuse to move had to do with another drama that the family had suffered three weeks ago: on March 8 his grandmother, Yaya, had died, which had been so important in his life and that of the entire clan.

“I owe a lot to her, she was the one who took me by the hand to the test in Racing,” the attacking midfielder said in an interview two years ago and added: “When my mom was going to see me in the inferiors I was inhibited, I asked her Other than that, I was used to my grandmother’s gaze. Now I have no problem going to the field, but if I got to anything in football, it was because of everything Yaya did. ”

As a result of this, Centu decided that he wanted to be close to his mother, to see how she was doing and to support her in such a hard trance. His girlfriend, Melody, decided to accompany him. They settled in the family home and although the original idea was to spend the day, have dinner and return to Puerto Madero, the situation changed to stay there to sleep, being closer to Beatriz.

This morning and according to the version of the player’s inner circle, his idea and that of his partner was to return to Puerto Madero after lunch. Taking advantage of the proximity with his apartment in Banfield, Melody decided to go with the car to look for some things. Why he did it at such an early time has no answer. He left, he did 25 blocks and a cardiac arrest surprised her at the wheel. He had, of course, a cardiac history. Unconscious, he lost control of the vehicle and ended up colliding with Fork K, at 2966 Guareaccino Street. He was only 25 years old.

“My sister did not have a car accident, she had cardiac arrest. She was a heart transplant for 13 years, she had cancer in 2015, 3 stents 2 years ago, in between many complications .. she was a warrior, she lived as she wanted, I enjoy her life to the fullest. I travel, I love …. “, her sister Sol fired her.

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