Ministry of Welfare detected 259 fraudulent sites that steal information from beneficiaries of social programs

María Luisa Albores, head of the Secretariat of Welfare, indicated how frauds are being committed with the promise of government support (Photo: Twitter @ welfaremx)

The Secretary of Well-being reported that in conjunction with the Financial Intelligence Unit and the National Guard neutralized 259 websites in May, which were used for the theft of information and personal data.

Maria Luisa Albores, head of the agency, commented that they are already working on legal matters. “If we find out who is doing this, we are going to go with everything. We detected that when the census was carried out in Veracruz, (there were people who) with the pretext of gathering information requested money, from 200 to 800 pesos, to be able to provide housing. The investigation was carried out, people were detected and we entered the criminal section

They also receive complaints from state delegates in relation to fraud that is committed with the promise of resource delivery. “We are going to follow up from the Secretary of Welfare and the other is to communicate it. None of the government’s comprehensive programs will ask the beneficiaries for resources, “added the official.

Likewise, a call was made to the population to verify that the information disseminated comes from the official pages of the federal government and that they have the domain.

The agency called on the population to verify the information, in order to avoid being defrauded (Photo: Secretariat of Welfare)
The agency called on the population to verify the information, in order to avoid being defrauded (Photo: Secretariat of Welfare)

The administration that heads Andrés Manuel López Obrador destined for Wellness Programs between 400,000 and 500,000 million pesos, according to data that was released in February.

In the face of a health emergency, 42,000 million pesos were allocated as advance payment of four months pension under the Emerging Welfare and Employment Programs

The agency detected that a message was broadcast via WhatsApp indicating a alleged delivery of resources with Well-being cards, with 25,000 pesos and it was mentioned that a certain link should be accessed to obtain more information, which led to an apocryphal page.

It was an operation that was performed in 32 entities in the country. The official explained that to access theThe Integral Programs of the Government of Mexico do not make any payment and in case someone communicates by the secretary, the information can be verified by calling the Welfare Line.

The Ministry of Welfare alerted to the alleged delivery of cards (Photo: File)

The Ministry of Welfare alerted to the alleged delivery of cards (Photo: File)

One month ago, the agency warned about the distribution of false cards as part of an alleged government support program in the face of the health emergency due to COVID-19, a situation in which the agency filed a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, and they also began working with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) of the Ministry of Finance.

The Secretary of Welfare reported that in Chiapas detected that personnel from outside the institution issued cards, but he asked the beneficiaries for a deposit of 300 pesos.

Meanwhile, the FIU revealed the existence of the author of a bank fraud, which consisted of granting money through the welfare card and due to the coronavirus contingency in Mexico.

And he announced that the bank account of the person related to the fraud was blocked, after detecting various movements in various parts of the country, but especially in Chiapas.

This meant the first case of an act of corruption in the country reported by the authorities during this epidemic of COVID-19.


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