Mexican state power company wants price hike for rivals

The head of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), Manuel Bartlett Díaz (Photo: EFE / Mario Guzmán / File)
 (Mario Guzmán /)

Unflappable before criticism that it is unfairly blocking renewable energy projects, the Mexican state utility company it is redoubling its demands for regulators to protect its market share.

The Federal Electricity Commission, which claims to produce 54% of the nation’s energy, wants regulators to increase transmission costs for private companies immediately, Manuel Bartlett said, director of the company in an interview.

A series of new measures aimed at increasing the market power of the utility company have come under severe criticism from the European Union and Canada, as well as business groups from the United States and Mexico. They say that the policies of the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will scare off international investment and directly jeopardize electricity projects worth $ 30 billion in 18 states. Increasing transmission costs runs the risk of halting renewable energy projects.

“We presented it to the CRE (Energy Regulatory Commission) months ago, and the private sector and all interested parties know the request form,” said Bartlett. It is not a clandestine request. ” I want them to solve it now, it has been more than half a year ”.

The government of Mexico received a legal setback in its attempt to block the way to renewable energy (Photo: EFE / Ulises Andrade / File)
The government of Mexico received a legal setback in its attempt to close the path to renewable energy (Photo: EFE / Ulises Andrade / File) (Ulises Andrade /)

Bartlett said that His proposal to the regulator includes requiring renewable producers to pay to back up their power plants, which he called unreliable.

Bartlett said he would do everything possible, without changing the law, to ensure that the utility company produces 54% of the nation’s energy, even at the cost of private clean energy projects that are underway.

Bartlett reiterated the objectives of the Secretary of Energy, Rocío Nahle, when she announced independent limits of clean energy generation in the country in mid-May. Bartlett said the limits, which include adding tests for new wind and solar projects, are intended to ensure the stability of Mexico’s power grid, which he says is at risk from renewable plants.

López Obrador's energy policy has been criticized even in the European Union (Photo: Courtesy Presidency)
López Obrador’s energy policy has been criticized even in the European Union (Photo: Courtesy Presidency)

However, uA set of government measures announced in early May has already had legal problems. Those measures would have suspended preoperative tests for clean power plants, effectively a deadly blow in the short term. Mexican courts have granted more than a dozen companies, including Italian energy giant Enel SpA, injunctions against those rules.

Bartlett was not affected by the reaction.

Recent policies “Have generated a series of false criticisms from various private actors”, said. “The State’s obligation anywhere in the world is to maintain the reliability of the network. And the reliability of the network is what we take care of in this regulation ”.


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