Mercado Libre bought Lagash, which will support the team led from Córdoba

Mercado Libre announced Wednesday the purchase of Lagash, an Argentine multinational producer of information technology (IT) software and project management services.

With two decades of experience, the firm had 500 employees in its offices in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay, among which it had a team of 350 developers.

Lagash worked for clients in the Fortune 1000 ranking, with a focus on companies in the high-tech sector in Latin America and the mid-size segment in the United States.

Among its clients was Mercado Libre, but from now on its developers will join the team led by the Software Development Center in Ciudad Empresarial, in Córdoba, led by Daniel Gándara, IT Vice President of the market place.

“Lagash is a strategic acquisition for Mercado Libre, facing the challenges both in the e-commerce business and in fintech and logistics, since it implies a growth of almost 10 percent in the team of developers,” said Gándara.

Mercado Libre has 10,000 employees, of whom 3,400 are developers. Some 2,700 people work in Argentina, of which 600 are in Cordovan offices.

According to the manager, the opening of new development centers will be key to continue growing. “This is the first acquisition of the year; the technology team will continue to grow in every way we can find to do so, it is part of the plan we have to generate a better product and a better user experience,” added Gándara.

For his part, the CEO of Lagash, Federico García, highlighted the good work he did as a supplier and that ended with the acquisition.

“First we started working for Mercado Pagos and then this was transferred to the rest, such as Mercado Envío, the market place and Mercado Crédito. This shows that we have done a good job during all these years that has not gone unnoticed, ”said García.

Purchasing career

The acquisition of companies has been a constant in the growth of Mercado Libre. The center itself in this city was born from the purchase of Cordovan Neosur, of which one of its founders was Gándara.

In addition, in 2018 he bought Machinalis, a Cordovan company dedicated to developing solutions in artificial intelligence.

Mercado Libre bought a “startup” born at UNC

Both processes were led by Gándara, who took over the management of the acquisition announced today.

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