Mendoza: he is a rural worker, he had $ 38 in his account, they deposited money to him by mistake and he returned it

Rodrigo Álvarez He is 25 years old, lives with his mother and his three younger brothers on a farm in Medrano, Mendoza, where he works and supports the family. A few days ago he had a noble gesture worth counting.

The young man received a message on Facebook saying that he had mistakenly transferred money to his bank account. He was fixed and alone I had $ 38. He thought it was a joke and blocked the person who had written to him. But as the doubt remained, the next day he looked again and had the equivalent of two salaries. So she decided to locate the man and tell him he had the money..

“The man who contacted me told me that he had made a mistake and had mistakenly transferred the salary of one of his employees. I told him that rest assured that I was going to return it. Give me time to go even to an ATM. And that’s what I did. He thanked me very much for the gesture and rewarded me with some pesos, “said the young man in dialogue with TN and The People.

Who was wrong in the transfer was a Cordovan real estate businessman that, respecting the quarantine, he had done online banking. And he told Rodrigo about the noble gesture on social networks.

The mayor went to congratulate the exemplary neighbor and told him that he was going to get him a scholarship so he can study. “Here you work or study. I finished high school, but I plan to continue studying. So in addition to the scholarship, the man to whom I returned the money told me that when he starts he will take care of the expenses“Rodrigo concluded excitedly.

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