measures to sustain employment announced

Kulfas, Guzmán and Marcó del Pont finish the details of the aid package against the clock. Sse confirmed reinforcement in assistance for vulnerable sectors

The measures will be announced in the afternoon, probably around 6:00 pm, and the message will be delivered by the ministers Matías Kulfas and Martín Guzmán, and possibly the head of AFIP, Mercedes Marcó del Pont, will join. The objective: to put a floor to the fall of the economy by the stop that implies social isolation in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

What has already been decided is that there will be tax deferrals so as not to further complicate those SMEs that may see cash problems due to a break in the payment chain.

In addition, there will be credit facilities, especially with very low rates for companies that need reinforcements when paying salaries to personnel licensed by the health emergency.

And, in anticipation that unemployment may worsen, a new impetus will be given to the Repro system, by which the State assumes part of the payment of employee social charges for those companies that declare themselves at a critical moment caused by the economic cooling.

This measure is reminiscent of the one that had been applied at the beginning of Cristina Kirchner’s government in 2009, when in the midst of a sharp national and global recession, exceptional measures were taken to sustain the activity of companies. Of course, between that time and this there is a fundamental difference: at that time there was a fiscal margin for state aid, and in addition there were extraordinary funds from the newly reestablished pension system, while now they are all emergencies on the financial front.

Perhaps that is why in his statements this morning Alberto Fernández hinted that there will be a change of priorities.

The president, who looks closely at what his European colleagues are doing, has already realized that he has scope to change priorities without implying a political cost: he said that, following the example of Angela Merkel, he will no longer set a main goal fiscal balance but the brake on the recession.

In other words, money will be injected into the economy, the freezing of tariffs will continue, and even speculation began as to whether the measures of the French Emmanuel Macron, who decided to subsidize rents and public services to all companies, would be imitated.

The measures that were already confirmed this Tuesday have to do with the social side of the current situation.

The head of ANSES, Alejandro Vanoli, announced the payment of a bonus of 3,000 pesos for retirees who receive the minimum credit and an extraordinary bonus for the beneficiaries of the AUH, as part of the social measures launched by the government in the face of the spread of the coronavirus.

For his part, the Minister of Social Development, Daniel Arroyo, confirmed that a “additional food reinforcement to school canteens, community canteens and picnic areas“and informed that” the food assistance system will be brought to the lunch box model to avoid the transfer and movement of people. “

Ads by Anses:

– Extraordinary bonus of $ 3,000 for minimum retirements. This month, the credit will be $ 18,891.

– Extraordinary bonus for beneficiaries of the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) and pregnancy allowance.

– Even greater exemption for the payment of Anses credits.

The measures announced by Social Development:

– AUH: additional boost of $ 3,000 this month one-time.

– Basic infrastructure works.

– Reinforcement of assistance to dining rooms and picnic areas.

– Change of modality in the delivery of the food card: it will be done by mail.

On the other hand, Alberto Fernández knows that the candidates to suffer the most are precarious employees, those monotributistas, domestic service personnel or independent service workers who cannot consider teleworking and who can see their money inflows drastically decreased.

There, the government faces a dilemma, because the sanitary recommendation to avoid contact and maintain social isolation results in a decrease in the hiring of “changas”, household arrangements, and maintenance of domestic workers.

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