Mascherano’s dart at the referee of the Argentina-Germany final of the Mundial90 World Cup after seeing the unsanctioned penalty that went viral

They passed almost 30 years of that party that deprived the Selection directed by Carlos Salvador Bilardo to add his third World Cup. However, this Monday Gabriel Calderón, member of that team and main protagonist, recalled what was one of the greatest injustices in national football and one of the biggest refereeing mistakes in World Cup history: the penalty not sanctioned by Edgardo Codesal against Germany.

One of those who could not contain his outrage was nothing less than b, emblem and who more presences accumulates with the Albiceleste. The Boss He quoted the former attacker’s post and wrote: “I was next to the play. Amazing”, referring to the position of the chief judge.

Users not only shared the claim of the steering wheel of 35 years, but they were also equated with the play with Manuel Neuer’s knee to Gonzalo Higuaín in the end of the Brazil World Cup 2014, a move that until today separates opinions on whether it was an infringement within the area or a lawful collision by the Teutonic goalkeeper.

Just over two weeks ago, himself Codesal he referred to the play itself in an interview he gave to the radio program Pulling Walls: “I consider Calderón’s move without any kind of intent and accidental play. Today, with the interpretation of the imprudent rule, they could have been scored as a penalty. Matthäus is going to score, put his foot down and obviously Calderón collides with that foot. At that time there was only an intentional offense. In other words, reckless offenses, which today are marked as penal, did not exist. “

Beyond that controversy that starred in the Pipit, Mascherano share with Calderón the bitter drink of having played a world final and having lost it seconds from the end. It happened to the midfielder trained in River with the goal of Mario Gotze 8 minutes into the second overtime and it also happened to the former Racing and Independiente player with the penalty converted by Andreas Brehme in the absence of 5 minutes for the end of regular time.

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