Marcelo Toledo, the Argentine recovered from coronavirus: “They are really doing things right”

Marcelo Toledo, the Argentine artist who became ill with coronavirus and has already been discharged, related his experience in dialogue with TN. He himself called line 107, explained the situation and they immediately activated the protocol. He was admitted to a private clinic and now, already recovered, he complies with the mandatory isolation in his home. “I have to thank because the government is doing everything right,” he said.

On Monday, March 9, Toledo returned to the country from New York. It was a trip like many others: the artist visits the United States several times a year since his career became international. “I had an exhibition at an art fair and I traveled without fear, but with great care: I washed my hands, I was careful not to put my fingers in my mouth … but there was no talk of coronavirus there, “he said.

During the time it was there, the Covid-19 was not a topic of conversation among New Yorkers that, until that moment, only 8 cases were registered. Currently, in the State more than 37,000 infected.

Back in Argentina, Toledo continued with his routine. Even that same day he returned to the country, he went straight to work at the art gallery he has in San Telmo. The symptoms took a little longer to come. “Just Tuesday night I started to feel physical discomfort and tiredness. I attributed it to the trip, because he had not been able to sleep well, “he said.

“The feeling was that I was about to get the flu. He had no high fever or cold, but a little cough. I just felt an extra sensitivity to the usual, I was very bothered by the rubbing of the fabrics on the body, “he explained.

As the government began evaluating the mandatory quarantine for those who had returned from risk areas, Toledo anticipated and went to a health center to see what to do. “I told them I was with possible symptoms and they isolated me in one room. They took precautions that I had never seen “, assured. However, that day he returned home without a diagnosis. “They told me that if the symptoms continued, I would call back.”

In the following days the fever persisted. The artist called line 107, explained the situation and immediately activated the protocol. “I didn’t know how it worked. When the ambulance arrived I found out that I had to go with them,” he said.

“Two people appeared at my door that looked like from a science fiction movie. They gave me gloves and a chinstrap and I ended up in the clinic for six days, “ said Toledo, who is already at home after having gone through the disease. He did not require a respirator, his symptoms were mild, although even when he speaks he stops coughing.

Toledo said that in the process he began to think about all the contact chains he had before he was admitted. He had to notify the Ministry of Health of all those people and they spoke to each of them. Everyone is isolated and alerted about what to do in case of fever.

“I have to thank because the Government is doing everything right”, said the artist, who stated that the Ministry of Health continues to call him to find out how he is, and also to the people with whom he was in contact.

Now Toledo is at home finishing recovering and complying with the mandatory isolation. “When you are in a hospital you begin to value everything much more. Now I enjoy the little things. ” concluded.

Written by Argentina News

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