Like in New York: they paint circles in the parks of Rosario to mark the social distance

The municipality of Rosario marked out circles in public parks to “guarantee the social distancing in recreational outings and affective meetings, “and to” control the amount of population in these green spaces, “authorities said Friday.

It is a pilot test implemented in the Parque de las Colectividades, in the area between the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Parque de España. The three-meter diameter circlesChristened “Circles of Respect”, they are marked two meters apart, “to guarantee the recommendations for distance.”

In addition, the municipal authorities requested that “as in all meetings, do not exceed ten people, use chinstraps at all times, do not share mate, and do not use games, public gyms or drinking fountains.”

The three meter diameter rounds were dubbed “Circles of Respect”. (Photo: Télam)

The Secretary of Sport and Tourism, Adrian Ghiglione, He stated that “we looked for different strategies during this stage of distancing so that people feel cared for and have an easy arrangement in the parks.” In addition, he described the measure as “a very good tool that has already worked in other countries. “

In mid-May, circles around the grass of Domino Park in Brooklyn, a green space in the New York district, made world news.

The official said that “75 circles have been demarcated to assess, as of Monday, how they worked over the weekend and implement it in other parks. “

On the other hand, the commune remarked that “in those green spaces that do not yet have this demarcation, the same distance measures must also be taken, as if they were painted.”

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