Labor signed an agreement with the television union that modifies the calculation of retirement contributions

Labor Minister Kelly Olmos announced a new way of computing contributions for people who work discontinuously in the Argentine Television Union Interactive and Data Audiovisual Services (SATSAID). For those who have this type of contract, 120 effective months of contributions will be taken into account when requesting retirement. This also benefits those who need to apply for pensions, family allowances or employment insurance.

“In the case of retirements, that in the general law women must be 60 years old; men, 65 and 30 years of contributions, the age is the same, but in In the case of discontinuous tasks, 120 effective months of contributions are considered. It is a very important change that has as its precedent the case of cinematographic activity”, said Olmos. This option was promoted by the guild since 2021 and came to fruition with that announcement. It will cover the three collective labor agreements that SATSAID signs with the respective chambers.

This new benefit is not retroactive, but will only apply to people who are close to retirement onwards. The same will happen with the new applications for pensions, the criterion is taken from today. Those who have already retired are left out of this agreement because there is no longer a way to calculate the time of contributions.

The measure is preceded by the benefit for the film industry. (Photo: TN)

Olmos explained the news at a press conference this Thursday together with the president of SATSAID, Horacio Arreceygor. “We are proud to be able to announce the conclusion of some tasks that we feel benefit a group of workers in a very important sector, associated with new production technologies”. the minister stressed.

“What matters to us is to be able to adapt the framing of the tasks so that we expand rights. This is the conclusion that we can announce in relation to the different collective labor agreements that SATSAID signs with the different business chambers, where it is contemplated that not only the contract with labor continuity exists, but also the discontinuous or fixed-term contract, “he added. .

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