Is the coronavirus spread by contact with objects?

The organization continues to find no conclusive evidence on the matter. However, as a precaution, it recommends disinfecting surfaces

The World Health Organization (WHO) has not yet found conclusive evidence that the coronavirus can be spread through contact with a artificial surface as knobs of door, keyboards, cell phones or packaging, according to a latest report by the UN medical agency.

However, the organization maintains its recommendation in favor of disinfecting surfaces and objects, whenever possible and for the tranquility of the population.

The study refers to another report in which the virus could survive up to seven days on a surface. In this sense, the WHO recalls that these tests were carried out in a laboratory, far from real-world conditions.

“The Covid-19 disease is transmitted mainly through a close physical contact and by respiratory residues, “according to the document.

“At the time of publication of this report, contagion with a contaminated environmental surface has not been conclusively related, according to available studies,” according to the document.

The WHO recommends cleaning surfaces, although they do not have conclusive evidence

However, and although there is no record at the moment of this type of cases, the WHO does not rule out that these surfaces can house other types of viruses, which is why they insist on their usual disinfection.

Meanwhile, Linsey Marr, a scientist at the Virginia Institute of Technology, pointed out that “a microdrople small enough to float in the air is difficult to deposit on clothing, simply due to the laws of physics.”

Coronavirus: how it evolves in the world

Seven other people died in the last 24 hours from coronavirus and a total of 327 were infected in the Argentina.

The pandemic produced so far a total of 363 deaths, while positive cases amount to 7,805, according to the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

At the international level, the novelty was that European countries reopened their beaches, resumed professional sports and prepared to open bars and restaurants and receive tourists after achieving some containment of the coronavirus, while cases increased in India and Russia and in America, the political tug of war through quarantines to face a pandemic that already adds more than 4.5 million infected worldwide.

In Germany, the first-class soccer championship, the Bundesliga, resumed today after two months of stoppage with six games without spectators and with sanitary measures to avoid contagions, such as coaches with masks, a maximum of ten journalists in each stadium and a distance of 1.5 meters between the substitutes.

In search of reviving tourism to save the summer season and alleviate the economic collapse caused by the coronavirus, Greece It reopened its famous beaches on the Mediterranean and the Aegean and brought forward the reopening of restaurants and cafes to May 25, previously scheduled for June 1, thanks to the favorable evolution of the infection curve.

Bars, restaurants and beaches will reopen in Italy, as in other European countries

On its beaches, distance and hygiene measures were in force, and similar regulations were followed on 31 beaches on the Atlantic that reopened today in France, in the western region of Brittany, some for running and others for bathing and water sports. Brittany had already opened other beaches this week. However, the French beaches on the Mediterranean are still closed.

In Italy, where tourism contributes 15% of the national GDP, the government announced today that next Monday beaches will reopen, pubs, restaurants, retail businesses and hairdressing salons across the country and from June 3 will allow movements between the 19 regions and the arrival, without mandatory quarantine, of tourists from the rest of the European Union (EU).

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