Is football coming back? The government gives the OK for the return to training

After a meeting in which they participated Matías Lammens and Ginés González García, the Ministries of Tourism and Sports and the Ministry of Health agreed to form a Committee to develop different protocols and enable the return to training in different disciplines, including soccer.

In this way, the national government would give the green light to practices in small groups (of five or six players maximum) following a strict protocol, as happens in Germany, Spain or Italy. So, if the process is not delayed, athletes could start returning to work starting Monday, May 25. Could that accelerate the return of football?

“We don’t say ‘get back to training.’ We say that the conditions for the return are given. Then it will depend on the authorities of each federation and the athletes, “they warned Infobae from the Sports portfolio.

“We met with Lammens, but we didn’t talk about dates. I miss football a lot, as much as you do, we all need him to come back. It is logical to think of September as a return month, but without cases it can be returned before“Said Ginés González García in an interview with the Oral Sports.

In dialogue with C5N, President Alberto Fernández had explained yesterday the difficulties they had to face in order to promote the return of football. “The first: obviously you can play football without spectators. Now, they explained to me that in the world of soccer the fear is not of the player to become infected. They are young boys, many live with their parents, who are older adults. Many do not live in the best conditions, come from poor homes, and the players fear is to take the infection home”, He described the situation, which is valid for both the Super League and the Promotion categories.

“We have to see if we can get some quick testing system that allows a club to test 30 players in one day and know that there are no coronaviruses among those 30 players; maybe we can go back to football there. It is what is being done in Spain now, doing permanent tests, “he added.

It is worth remembering that, in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, the AFA decided to end the season and suppress declines for two years: the resolution of promotions was pending. And there is the latent conflict due to the end of the links: more than 200 players, only in the Super League, are left with the pass in their possession on June 30.

While evaluating the next movements and planning a lightning tournament for the last months of the year in First, the AFA is preparing to renew its authorities on May 19, in an Extraordinary Asmablea that will take place virtually. There, Claudio Tapia will be re-elected as President until 2025 and will be accompanied by six Vice Presidents., among which are Jorge Amor Ameal (Boca), Rodolfo D’Onofrio (River), Marcelo Tinelli (San Lorenzo) and Hugo Moyano (Independent).

In addition, the leadership meeting will serve to finish lowering the blind to the Super League and formalize the birth of the Professional League, which will be under the umbrella of the AFA and everything indicates that it will be led by Marcelo Tinelli.

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