Is Argentina on track to have the longest quarantine in the world?

Along with Italy, China and Spain, Argentina is among the first countries in the world with the longest period of confinement as a consequence of the coronavirus

With the President’s announcement Alberto Fernández to extend preventive social and compulsory isolation as a consequence of the coronavirus, Argentina is on its way to becoming the country with the quarantine longest in the world, with an extension of 80 days.

However the President He clarified that this situation does not concern him since he does not intend to enter into “sterile debates” and was decisive: “The quarantine will last as long as it takes

Fernández stressed that the Argentina It is “one of the countries that most preserved employment” and came to the crossroads of criticism against the extension of compulsory isolation.

“What does it matter how long the quarantine lasts if in a month we multiply the cases?” FernandezAt the same time, he pointed out that both he and “the 24 governors” want “the economy to work again but seek” to preserve the Argentines, first of all. ”

In this regard, he highlighted the financial assistance for companies and noted: “I am very happy to be one of the countries that most preserved employment in the world in the midst of the pandemic.”

Due to quarantine, controls on routes and highways are strict

Quarantine in Argentina vs. other countries

Specifically, so far they are accounted for 65 days quarantine, which was decreed on March 20, and if, as everything seems to indicate, the term would extend until June 8, that would mean 80 days of confinement.

With these figures, the country would be above Wuhan, city where the pandemic started, which served 76 days of quarantine.

Many other countries also issued quarantine to prevent the spread of virus, although with different degrees of demands and restrictions.

For example, Italy He maintained strict confinement between March 9 and May 4. It was 56 days, after which they began to lift some restrictions.

The return of the productive activities. Two weeks later, on May 17, it was the turn of the reopening of bars, restaurants and hairdressers, with the consequent hygiene measures and required social distance. While, the gyms and pools will open this Monday, and the cinemas and theaters will return only in mid-June. If this schedule is respected, by this date 98 days will have passed since the beginning of the quarantine.

SpainFor its part, it sanctioned the national quarantine on March 14, due to the high number of positive cases of coronavirus, which lasted until May 48, reaching a total of 51 days. Although from that date the so-called “de-escalation phase” began, much of the country remains in quarantine, until June 7 at least.

While China, the epicenter of the coronavirus, was the first to implement isolation measures in Hubei province. A national measure was not ordered, but one located in the region. It ran from January 23 to April 8. Even after the 76-day quarantine ended, China did not return to absolute normality.

In countries like United States and BrazilIt is more difficult to measure the extent of the confinement because no measures have been taken at the federal level, but rather the response to the crisis fell to the governors and mayors. Both Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro have been reluctant at the idea of ​​a national blockade. The Brazilian president has even staged marches against isolation.

Thus, Joao Doria, the Governor of Sao Paulo, one of the most affected districts, ordered a quarantine on March 24 to contain the uncontrolled advance of the virus, which will last until the 31 of this month, which would add up to 67 days of confinement.

Meanwhile in NY A similar situation exists, given that Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered the closure of businesses and citizens to remain in homes on March 22. While some areas of the state gradually reopened starting last week, the Big Apple will remain closed until at least June 13, adding up to 83 days of closure. However, it is a more nominal quarantine because people can move freely.

In Argentina, strict isolation nationwide it stretched from March 20 to April 13. Date Phase 2 began, the administered isolation phase, which lasted until April 26. From there, Phase 3, the geographical segmentation phase, was entered. On May 10, Phase 4 began, a progressive reopening call. Until arriving at this Saturday, where it is planned to announce the start of Phase 5, called new normality, which would run from May 24 to June 8.

Italy had 56 days of confinement

Italy had 56 days of confinement

It should be borne in mind that not the whole country is in the same phase. The Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA), made up of the CABA and the municipalities of Greater Buenos Aires, is still in Phase 3, since it is the region where most of those infected are concentrated.

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