Incredible but real: the waters of a Cafayate river turned into red wine

A unusual image surprised the neighbors of Cafayate, in Salta, since the channel of the Chusca river was dyed with red wine In the access area to the city. The cause would have been a broken pipe in one of the wineries in the area.

“When we arrived with our cameras we noticed that in sand settled drift or wine pulp. One of the pipes is broken, due to the flooding of the river on December 29 and now it empties into flow, “said from local radio. Impact.

One of the journalists told the newspaper The tribune that the neighbors are concerned about the situation and ask for explanations regarding the “anomalies” that occurred in the river. They fear that some kind of pollutant.

Red wine ran down the Chusca River after the break in the pipe of a winery. (Photo: video capture).

“They request that the pipes be inspected. The last flood that occurred in February dragged many stones and sediment from the high areas that were deposited at the height of the urban sector,” said José Ayusa, a local journalist.

And he added: “The channeling work in the areas affected by the overflows was carried out very slowly and with the arrival of quarantine due to the pandemic of coronavirus, the tasks were paralyzed. “

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