In which cases can you drive with VEHICLES during QUARANTINE

Since compulsory isolation began until this Wednesday, more than 600 vehicles were seized for not complying with the regulations.

In the framework of the mandatory social isolation decreed by the National Government from March 20 to 31, and with the possibility of spreading, many are not respecting the regulations.

According to the last official report, since Friday, March 20 at 0 o’clock, when the controls of the Federal Security Forces began, until this Wednesday there were 2,226 detainees, 41,346 notified. 106,321 controlled and 600 vehicles hijacked.

In the case of the hijacked vehicles, it is because they did not meet the standards established for this quarantine. In other words, those who traveled there did not have authorization to do so.

According to the Government, the car can only be used if it is a justifiable emergency.

This is, for example, the acquisition of food, pharmaceuticals and basic necessities; assistance to health centers, services and establishments or travel to the workplace to carry out their provision, in case this is of first necessity, such as health, food, etc.

Public transport

During the social, preventive and compulsory isolation established from Friday the 20th to Tuesday the 31st of March, public transportation in the City continues to operate under its current schemes, complying with the requirement that only seated passengers travel, and guaranteeing access to this elementary service only to people who carry out essential tasks such as health, safety or the provision of food.

In the case of taxis and remises they work normally. Passengers must ride in the back seat. The passenger seat cannot be occupied, to allow the distance between the occupants of the vehicle and minimize the risks of contagion.

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