In the midst of the storm, lightning struck and killed 13 calves in Tapalqué.

The strong storm that broke out this Wednesday in the Federal Capital and the province of Buenos Aires left its consequences. A lightning struck in the town of Tapalqué and killed 13 calves.

The event occurred on the premises of the Rural Society, located in the center of the province of Buenos Aires, about 270 kilometers from the City.

Dead animals after being struck by lightning. (Photo: Clarín).

According to local media, around 16, a loud roar surprised the neighbors and the employees of the place. The lightning struck the animals that were locked in a corral ready to be transferred to Bragado.

Once the storm eased, the workers made a run and found the dead calves hit by the electric shock. Fortunately, no employee was injured.

Written by Argentina News

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