In the middle of the quarantine they robbed a community dining room in Mar del Plata and took them to the pots

Those responsible for a Mar del Plata dining room that he gave meats to 150 people they woke up this Saturday with the worst news. During the morning the place was dismantled by criminals who took everything: food, jugs, a water pump, kitchen utensils and pots.

Susana Figueroa, responsible for the place located on the streets 431 and 38 of the Santa Rosa del Mar neighborhood, In the southern area of ​​Mar del Plata, he arrived at the dining room at 7.30 with 10 collaborators to prepare the lunch of the day. “We find this robbery that left us breathless and with tremendous helplessness. They were taken from the cooking supplies to the carafes, “he said.

About 150 people, mostly cardboard workers and bricklayers, come to the site every day “because in this time of pandemic is the only food they have “ Figueroa told the agency Telam.

“We have a community garden, we provide school support and childcare. We do everything with the effort of the residents of the area, that they contribute their time and what little they have to make it work daily, ”he explained.

After the robbery, the dining room will not be able to deliver the food this Saturday. Figueroa stated that from the municipality of General Pueyrredón, in charge of Guillermo Montenegro, they received no help.

“Even today they have not come close to the situation we are going through”, said the woman. “The neighbors themselves have brought what little they have and so we will be giving children and adults who come to take them home,” he explained.

Personnel from the Cliff Police Station and the Scientific Police went to the scene after the complaint. “Many neighbors came to talk to police personnel because for days, many of them suffered robberies and outbursts when they got off the bus, “ Figueroa stated.

“If nobody from Municipal Social Action comes to provide us with everything that was stolen from us, from Monday we will have to close the doors because we do not have our own resources. This neighborhood is one of the most vulnerable in the city, “concluded the woman.

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