in Russia, the governor of the Belgorod oblast calls on civilians to evacuate the bombarded areas / France News

A girl was killed and 22 people were injured in the airstrike near Dnipro

An airstrike hit Dnipro in central Ukraine, killing a 2-year-old girl and injuring 22 people, Ukrainian authorities said on Sunday. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russian forces of having “attacked the city” Saturday night and pointed out that other victims were trapped in the rubble of two apartment buildings.

Saturday’s strike destroyed two buildings, as well as ten houses, a store and a gas main, according to Dnipro region governor Serhi Lyssak. The body of a young girl was removed from the rubble, he reported on Sunday morning. “Overnight, the body of a little girl was recovered from the rubble of a house” of Pidhorodne, “She had just turned 2 years old”, he posted on Telegram. Besides, “22 people were injured, including 5 children”he added in his latest assessment of the attack on the Dnipro district.

On Facebook, the Ukrainian president denounced the attack and posted a video showing rescuers digging through the rubble, to the sound of jackhammers. “Once again, Russia proves that it is a terrorist state. The Russians will bear the responsibility for everything that is committed against our state and our people.”lambasted the Ukrainian president.

In Kyiv, the head of the military administration said the capital’s air defenses repelled several missiles and drones overnight. “According to initial information, no aerial target has reached the capital”Serhi Popko wrote on the Telegram social network on Sunday.

Across the border, Ukrainian shellfire killed two people on Saturday in Belgorod, Russia, oblast governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said. Border villages in this region have been hit by unprecedented artillery fire in recent days, killing a total of 7 people this week, according to Russian sources.

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