In Córdoba there is a “cell phone hospital” with a 24-hour guard and home care.

Hospital para Celulares is a small company created by Cordoba entrepreneurs dedicated to the repair and provision of equipment for mobile telephony devices.

Last December, it made headlines for creating the first Social Work for Mobile Phones, with exclusive services for affiliates such as the “door-to-door” repair of smartphones (they remove it from the home, fix it and then take it back again) and an available guard 24 hours for urgent consultations.

Now, given the quarantine situation, he decided to open these services to all citizens who need to use them.

“In times of extreme need, such as the one we are experiencing, where communication is essential through cell phones, we made the decision to enable these services to the general public. Now the people of Cordoba can communicate with us at any time of the day, ”said Martín Barrionuevo, owner of Hospital para Celulares and creator of the exclusive Social Work.

Photo: courtesy HPC.

And he completed: “We will have staff to advise them, whatever the time. Similarly for cell phone repair, we look for them and return them arranged door to door throughout the city ”.

In addition to these benefits, HPC added an exclusive online technological advisory service to clear all kinds of doubts about the handling of the cell phone, its correct use, downloading applications, etc.

“It is one more service for the people of Cordoba. Many older people and not so much had the need to download applications to communicate with their family, with friends, to be able to work and even to celebrate a birthday. And it may happen that they don’t know how to use them or find it difficult to understand them, that’s why we added this new tool with easy tutorials that are explained to the users who communicate with us, ”added Barrionuevo.

Photo: courtesy HPC.

Likewise, HPC has a digital platform that allows to see the repair of the cell phone live and direct, in addition to which the public can communicate with the company via WhatsApp or social networks, to access the transfer service for unit repair or guard 24 hours.

“Since quarantine started, we have grown 30 percent in daily appliance repairs. Currently we are fixing about 150 cell phones and online consultations via the web and on social networks about technological doubts also grew considerably, “said the entrepreneur.

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