In Casilda, a young man who is out of work found money on the street and returned it

Juan Cruz Caione is 21 years old, lives in Casilda, Santa Fe, and makes changas. Things around your house are not easy because your mom doesn’t have a steady job. The economy fell apart when his dad died and they had to close the family business. Thereafter everything went uphill, but the noble gesture this boy had his reward.

On Tuesday he left his house and a block and a half found several checks lying on the sidewalk. He picked them up and the first thing that came out was to go to the local radio so they could spread the find and thus find the owner.

Then it was until Police station to explain what he had found and ran into a woman who was reporting the loss of checks. That minute was magical, not only because he gave him a few pesos as a reward, but also because for his honesty he got a job.

Juan Cruz with Gladys, his mother. (Photo: Facebook / Juan Cruz Caione).

“Juan Cruz was born premature. At six months he weighed a kilo and was hospitalized in Venado Tuerto for a long time. I am proud of my son not only because he returned the checks, but because he is a good person“Gladys, her mother, said proudly.

Following the spread of the story, the boy got a job at a food distributor, and today was his first day. “The work is good“said the young man. He still does not know what he is going to do with the money from his first salary, but he will surely allocate it to his family.

“To help my mom I did changas and she took care of an old lady, but by the quarantine she was unemployed. Now with my permanent job we will be a little more relieved. I never hesitated to return the checks, because it was something that didn’t belong to me. And I’m glad that the owner has recovered them, “he said.

The truth is that despite having empty pockets and passing some needs, Juan Cruz respected the values ​​that his parents taught him in these 21 years.

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