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Coffee consumption can impact the perception of food flavors and can make some feel sweeter

Coffee is perhaps one of the most widespread drinks in world culture. Each country and each culture takes it in a different way, in each corner of the planet this has been adapted drink to taste and local needs.

In addition, it is a drink with great versatility. It is associated with twork, office, study and stress, but also at a moment of calm and relaxation after dinner, with a pleasant chat with your family or partner, and some sweets in between.

However, the characteristics of this drink make it possible to have interference with the tastes of other foods or beverages. It has happened to most people that after drinking coffee they feel altered, or at least different, some flavors.

The taste of some foods can be altered by drinking coffee.

With this trigger a study to find out what was the real effect of coffee on the perception of tastes. A group of danish scientists began an investigation, which was in charge of the Aarhus University (Denmark). The results were recently published in the scientific journal ‘Foods’.

The research involved 156 peopleTherefore, it is important to note that the sample is small and further studies may be necessary. All of them were examined for their sense of smell and taste before and after drinking coffee.

What results were found

At sense of smell the specialists found no change: People kept perceiving odors the same way. However, they could observe changes in the sense of taste, that had been seen affected by coffee consumption.

As one of the study authors, When people were tested after drinking coffee, they became more sensitive to sweet and less sensitive to bitter. For rule out the possibility that caffeine from coffee It could be a factor, the researchers repeated the experiment using decaffeinated coffee, and again obtained the same result.

But why is this happening?

The research authors analyzed the reasons why coffee could alter the sense of taste in its consumers. According to their conclusions, it could be some of the bitter substances in coffee that create this effect. This may explain that if you eat a portion of dark chocolate with your coffee, its flavor is much milder, because the Bitterness is minimized and sweetness is perceived to be increased.

The taste of chocolate can be altered when eaten with coffee

The taste of chocolate can be altered when eaten with coffee.

According to its authors, the study sheds some light about a new aspect of senses of smell and taste. This means that although the senses are already known to interact and affect each other, it is a surprise that the register of sweetness and bitterness is so easily influenced.

According to one of the central authors of the researchThe results may provide a better understanding of how the taste buds work. However, he cautions that it is it is necessary that they continue the studies of the functioning of the senses, as well as the interference they may have with each other. It is not only important to do more research, but also to increase the representativeness of the samples that are taken, so that the results are more significant.

Finally, the study concludes what mMore research in this area could be important for the way we regulate the How sugar and sweeteners are used as food additives. In other words, better and greater knowledge can potentially be used to reduce sugar and calories in the food that is consumed. Taking this variable into account may be important for some groups of the population, such as people who are overweight, obese or have diabetes, among other pathologies.

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