How to obtain the MYPYME CERTIFICATE: step by step guide

The MiPyME certificate accredits the condition as such before the AFIP to be able to enter the moratorium and grants access to many other benefits

The MyPyme certificate certifies the condition as such before the AFIP to be able to enter the moratorium of impending regulation and grants access to many other benefits.

In effect, the document allows access to financing, tax benefits and assistance programs.

The MyPyme certificate It can also be requested by human beings whether they are monotributistas and / or self-employed to access the same benefits as registered companies.

The validity of the certificate It is from its issue until the last day of the fourth month after the end of the year.

To renew it, MyPyme must be re-categorized during that month.

To download and consult the certificate, the beneficiary must enter the Remote Procedures Platform (TAD) or enter this link.

As of April 2020, the renewal in the MyPyME Business Registry it will be automatic for those companies that have filed the VAT affidavits and of Social Charges of the last 3 exercises.

The only ones that must finish their process manually will be those that are part of an economic group, have ties to foreign companies or are exempt from VAT.

Then, the step by step to get the MyPyme certificate:

– Enter the AFIP site with CUIT and Clave Fiscal.

– Enter the Tax Code Relationship Manager.

Click on the “Enable Service” option.

Select the AFIP logo and, in Interactive Services, search for and select the service “SMEs Request for Categorization and / or Benefits”.

– Click on “Confirm”.

– In order for the service to appear on the menu, you must close the session and re-enter with Tax Code.

– Enter the “PYMES” service, click on “New” and check that the information is correct.

– Complete the form 1272 that is displayed.

Responsible Registered

Benefit of the 90-day VAT payment: Click on the box next to the benefit and select the “Yes” option.

In the flaps of the fiscal periods you will see the sum of the total annual sales excluding VAT, the applicable internal tax and 50% of the amount of exports. You must detail what activity they correspond to.

How to obtain the MyPyme certificate and not die trying

Once sales are reported, the Affidavit can be filed by clicking “Submit”. To save it and finish completing it later, click “Burn”.

Exempt tax

Once the form is presented, you must enter this link and complete the requested information.


Just click “Next”. Keep in mind that by doing so, the screen will not change. Then slide the cursor up and click the “Submit” button in the upper right corner.

Equity participation with other companies

All companies must be SMEs. It is necessary to verify if the patrimonial declarations in profits and company participations are well loaded by entering the instructions.

TO) Equity participation of bonding (between 20% and 50% inclusive)

National: all must carry F. 1272.


If the foreign company has CUIT in the country, it must complete the link with the foreign sales. Login to

If the foreign company does not have a CUIT in the country, contact the SME Registry by email at [email protected]

B) Economic group (more than 50%)

National (only national companies): You must upload the consolidated sales in the link. Enter
Mixed (national and foreign companies):

Foreign controller:

If you have activity in the country and CUIT: You must upload the group’s consolidated sales in the link. Enter

If you do not have activity in the country, contact the SME Registration team via email [email protected]

Argentina Controller:

You must upload the group’s consolidated sales in the link. Enter

You will be able to see the registration confirmation in the AFIP e-window service and you will receive the SME Certificate in the TAD notification tray. If not received, it can be downloaded at this link by entering the transaction number.

In case you do not remember the transaction number, follow these steps:

– At AFIP, enter the service “SMEs Application for Categorization and / or Benefits“and clicked” OK. “

– In “Actions”, click on the dropdown menu and select “Acknowledgment”.

I clicked on the PDF icon and looked at the receipt again.


Article 8 of Law 27541 provides that taxpayers and those responsible for taxes and social security resources whose application, perception and control are in charge of the AFIP, that fit and are registered as Micro, Small or Medium-sized Companies, may, due to the obligations due as of November 30, 2019, or infractions related to said obligations, avail themselves of the system of regularization of tax debts and security resources social and forgiving interest, fines and other penalties established by this Chapter.

How to get the MyPyme certificate, step by step guide

How to get the MyPyme certificate, step by step guide

He adds that for this they must prove their registration with the MiPyME Certificate, in force at the time of submission to the regime, as established by the Ministry of Entrepreneurs and Small and Medium-Sized Companies of the current Ministry of Productive Development.

For its part, it is clarified that those MSMEs that do not have the MiPyME certificate as of 12/23/2019, may adhere to the present regime conditionally, as long as they process it and obtain it until 4/30/2020.

Conditional membership will expire if the presenter does not obtain the certificate within this period.

It is important to note that the SEPyME takes a few days to approve and issue the certificate, which is why it is very important to request it in good time.

Finally, the enforcement authority is empowered to extend the term for processing it.

Annual billing caps to be considered MyPyME

SEPyME established new annual billing caps to be considered MSME with effect since Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

The measure was announced through the publication in the Official Gazette of 10/12/2019 of Resolution 563/19.

It updates the annual total sales ceilings to be considered Micro, Small or Medium-Sized Companies that are detailed in Table A of Annex IV of Resolution 220/19 of the SEPyME.

The last update had been in April of the same year.

Among the foundations that explain the decision to update the annual billing ceilings to be considered MSMEs, it is stated that in the analysis carried out in relation to the main economic indicators and with the aim of preventing companies that increased the billing amount in 2019, only as a result of the sustained and general increase in prices, are they no longer included in the MiPyME universe or are they included in a larger category, is it necessary to carry out an update of the MiPyME ceilings.

According to the regulations, the value of total annual sales is understood to be the amount of sales that arises from the average of the last 3 fiscal years or fiscal years, according to the information declared to the AFIP.

The amount of the Value Added Tax and the internal tax (s) that may correspond will be excluded from the calculation; and up to seventy-five percent (75%) will be deducted from the amount of exports.

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