How much does a DOCTOR EARN in ARGENTINA in 2020

The measures taken to prevent the progression of the covid-19 pandemic exposed the working conditions of medical professionals

Since the preventive and compulsory social isolation began last Friday, March 20, the Argentines in quarantine go out to their terraces and balconies every night at 9:00 pm to applaud the healthcare professionals serving the covid-19 infected. It’s a nice tribute, but it also begs the question,how much does a doctor earn in Argentina today?

Those who expose their own health are “the first line of battle” against the virus that today reveals all of humanity. But this pandemic also focused on what poorly rewarded that many of the health professionals who serve in the private and public systems are found, as well as the inadequate conditions in which they must carry out their tasks.

Endless guards, lack of supplies and security elements, assaults on the part of the patients, are some of the many things in common that are found in the stories that mainly tell the doctors and nurses on duty or intensive care.

All of these issues quickly came to light and were exacerbated in the context of the pandemic, who about a month ago also arrived in the national territory.

In this framework, the different governments are convening doctors to join temporarily to hospitals.

Also required are nurses and assistants with a qualifying title to practice that profession.

The national government also, on the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, defined granting a annual salary plus of 30,000 pesos medical personnel, which will be given in three installments and is linked to presenteeism. This decision, it is estimated, would cover some 750,000 people of the sector.

This is an incentive that seeks to retain staff in the face of the extension of health operations to all provinces.

It was also complemented with the incorporation into the seniors from Medicine and Nursing to participate in the operation aimed at containing the expansion of the coronavirus. At the University of Buenos Aires only, in 24 hours, some 4,000 volunteers.

These typical deficiencies in the health system throughout the country are complemented by low salaries for professionals in the sector.

How much does a doctor earn in Argentina today?

How much do doctors and nurses earn in 2020?

Physician salaries are higher in the private system than in the public system. That and the different specialties make it very difficult to access specific data that officially allows having an average salary charged by health professionals.

In the last calls to doctors made in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic, some indications can be obtained. The City Government offered in the search notices for medical professionals -which is already closed- salaries of 58,000 pesos monthly, with contracts until June.

On the other hand, in the job portal Bumeran it is recorded that in 2020 the salary of a doctor in Argentina it is around 34,665 pesos monthly on average. The calculation was made through an estimate, based on 1,092 expected salaries declared by the applicants to the notices published on that platform in the last three months.

However, when evaluating the requests of the candidates by gender, the average required by male doctors remains close to 41,000 pesos per month and that of women around 27,000. It is not clear at any time whether these are specialized or entry-level positions, or how long the day is.

In another portal for salary and employer evaluations, Glassdoor, the salary for doctors in Argentina is currently at 73,481 pesos per month, although the calculation was only made based on the average of 17 figures declared by users. A resident doctor would charge 43,691 pesos monthly, according to that source.

In Glassdoor it can also be known that the average monthly salary for nurses in the country is 44,450 pesos monthly.

Doctors in Argentina, among the worst paid in the world

Salaries of doctors in South America, among the worst in the world

Salaries of doctors in South America, among the worst in the world

Health professionals in Argentina, mainly doctors, are among the worst paid worldwide, according to different recently published studies.

Hardvard University as well as the BBC produced various rankings on remuneration in health systems around the world. Within the lists, of 25 and 50 countries respectively, Argentina could not be seen.

According to the latest data available in the Ministry of Health of the Nation, a professional entering the system, with full dedicationYou should have a salary of 22 thousand pesos. There are several variables that can modify the number, but according to Clinica-Web consultations with various professionals, it would be very difficult to reach that salary today for a recent graduate.

Due to the low salaries, many doctors provide care in different public and private health institutions, in order to increase their income. There are also many experienced doctors who leave the public health system due to the poor balance between dedication and remuneration.

At regional level, South America is he second worst continent in salary averages when it comes to medicine, after Africa. Argentina is in the middle of the table, with Brazil, Chile and Colombia being the countries with the best salaries and Bolivia, Paraguay and Venezuela where the doctors receive the worst.

Portals specialized in medicine also indicate that the annual average salary of a non-specialist doctor in Argentina is around 38,000 dollars, while countries such as the Netherlands, with 117,000 dollars a year, the United Kingdom with 118,000 and the United States with 161,000, lead this ranking. .

Salaries for specialist doctors

What are the best-paying medical specialties?

What are the best-paying medical specialties?

Of course, in terms of doctors’ salaries, there are distinctions according to what the private and public systems pay, and specialties that are “quoted” higher than others.
The trajectory and research in a certain area can also play an important role.

Data available on web pages aimed at medical professionals indicate that the following are specialties which are among the best paid: Radiologists, anesthesiologists, gastroenterologists, oncologists and surgery professionals (mainly plastic surgeries) are in the top 5 best-paying specialties.

On the other side of the table, the doctors are mostly aligned with the specialties with the largest number of professionals: pediatrics, psychiatry, neurology, gynecology and traumatology.

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