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With the new interest rate of 46% per year, the amount that is necessary to deposit to obtain 30,000 pesos per month is reduced

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04/25/2022 – 9:08 p.m.

The fixed term It is one of the investment alternatives most used by Argentines, mainly due to its simplicity and security. The Central Bank recently announced a rise in the interest rates up to 46% per annum for the traditional fixed term.

East new percentage makes us need $789,473.68 invested in a fixed term for 30 days to earn the equivalent of $30,000 per month or $1,000 per day.

According to the latest estimates by the economists participating in the Central Bank’s Survey of Market Expectations, this year inflation will close at 59.2%, and for the next two months they expect general price increases of around 3.8%. (each month).

This last percentage is the one that must be taken into account to evaluate whether or not it is convenient to carry out a fixed term of 30 days. Thus, with the increase, a fixed-term deposit for one month will give “earnings” of 3.83%.

How much does a fixed term of $50,000 earn after the interest rate rises?

Currently, the floor for deposits of fixed term 30 days with a maximum capital of $10,000,000 is from a 46% per year. This causes the effective annual rate be of 57.1%.

Calculating the interest rates of fixed terms is very simple and fast

if we decide invest $50,000 a 30 days with this new fixed term ratewould generate us $1,916 interest, approximately. In the hypothetical case that we constantly invest that money every 30 days, at the end of the year we would receive $50,000 principal and $28,550 interest.

The interest rate as an instrument for making public policies

The monetary politics is the one that applies a government or State through moneyeither controlling its issuance, the interest rateetc., to achieve economic stability in a country.

Monetary Policy Objectives

  • Stabilize the value of moneyavoiding or mitigating the effects of inflation and devaluation.
  • Find the full occupancy either full employmentalthough it is an extremely complex and difficult objective to achieve, even for the most developed countries.
  • Avoid imbalances in balance from Paymentskeep a stable exchange rate and protect the international reserves.
  • Keep a rate high growth.

Expansionary monetary policy

At the beginning of 2022, the first increase in interest rates took place in Argentina

At the beginning of 2022, the first increase in interest rates took place in Argentina

In simple terms, the goal of a policy expansionary monetary is to put larger amount of money in circulation.

When there is on the market little money in circulation or high demand for this, it is necessary place a major amount on the economy. Some of the methods to do it are:

  • Reduce the interest rate to do more attractive the loans personal and banking, promoting consumption and investment.
  • Reduce banking reserves so that banks can lend more money without diminishing your reserves.
  • Buy public debt to withdraw the offer of this and generate liquidity in the market.

restrictive monetary policy

When in the market there is an excess of offer from moneymust be withdraw the surplus applying restrictive monetary policies. Some of these measures are:

  • Increase interest rates so that asking for a loan is more expensive, promoting savings and investment and discouraging consumption.
  • Increase the percentage of banking reservestrying to get the money to stay in the banks and have less money in circulation.
  • Sell ​​public debt to capture the surplus moneyalthough this supposes a greater expense in the future, due to the payment of interest.

From the point of view of governments, an interest rate high will encourage savings; a low, consumption.

Therefore, Depending on the country and its conditions and needs, the applied economic policy will vary.

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