How Alberto Fernández designed his personal strategy to face the Coronavirus in Argentina

Alberto Fernández applied Cartesian logic to design his own method to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic in Argentina. And he underpinned his analysis logic with academic essays, dialogues with the scientific community, videos he received on his cell phone and a handful of popular articles that were published in the main world media.

For example, the head of state paid close attention to this video posted on the networks that was based on a note from the Washington Post:

And in this line of reasoning, Alberto Fernández also began to watch this YouTube video that he paused to attend to other pending issues related to the Pandemic:

Along with the videos he received on WhatsApp, the president held conversations with a well-known Argentine mathematician and journalist, and met with Birmingham Dr Maureen, representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Buenos Aires. It happened over the past weekend: she chatted with Adrián Paenza who lives in Chicago and received key information from Ambassador Dr Maureen.

Paenza sent a text to the president analyzing how he was seeing the government against Coronavirus, and Dr Maureen released a WHO report that recommended extreme measures to contain the circulation of the population due to the severity of the pandemic that is sweeping across the five continents.

With the sum of this information, and after a long walk through the gardens of the Quinta de Olivos, last Sunday Alberto Fernández explained to his cabinet and the scientific community that advises him, his Cartesian reasoning to appease the advance of the coronavirus in Argentina:

one. It is proven by daily statistics that the majority of the infected came from abroad.

two. It is proven that the circulation of the infected multiplies the spread of the virus (video from the Washington Post).

3. Italy and Spain resolved to prohibit their citizens from circulating as a method to stop the terms of contagion. And they did it late: we can anticipate the eventual explosion of the pandemic in the country.

Four. Within 14 days we know if a person has been infected. So let’s set a two-week quarantine. This allows us to control the population in good faith and reduces our contacts with healthy citizens.

5. There are many infected people in bad faith who did not respect quarantine and put society at risk, and that will affect the growth curve. But a restriction measure will help us lower the average.

6. The equation is easy to explain: if the majority of those infected come from abroad, and we have already closed the borders and suspended flights, what remains is to quarantine those who arrived and empty the streets to reduce the levels of contagion. .

This line of reasoning, which René Descartes synthesized with the phrase “I think, therefore I am”, was used by Alberto Fernández to decide to suspend classes for two weeks, facilitate the home office, establish a work license for the sectors most vulnerable to the virus and allow parents who must care for their children who do not attend classes, to miss work if they justify that they have no one to leave them with.

The presidential method seems to work. Last night, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta informed Alberto Fernández that the absence of classes had halved subway users in the Federal Capital. And the official numbers ensured that the daily infected – Sunday vs. Monday – had dropped from 11 to 9.

“It is not to be happy. But it’s something. A hint ”, commented the president in Olivos.

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