Hilda Bernard, victim of fake news

Hilda Bernard is one of the most emblematic actresses in Argentina. The 99-year-old artist, who took her first steps in the Cervantes theater and gained popularity in radio theaters, was one of the most remembered casts on TV. That is why, when this Friday it was revealed in networks and different media that he had died, the entertainment world was in shock. Nevertheless, his family came out to deny it. It was all about fake news.

The fake news also involved a fake TN profile on Facebook, which replicated the wrong information. It is important to clarify that neither the sign of TN, neither Not even our official profiles on social networks were echoed.

A fake TN account posted on Facebook that the actress had died, although her family denied it (Photo: screenshot)

How can you verify that the account was false? First, the Facebook profile was not verified. It was also an account with few followers: while the account fake has 10 thousand, the official website of TN it has almost 8 million.

Another point to consider is the number of publications. While the networks of TN they are active 24 hours, with posts from all sections of fake profile barely had three.

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