He returned from the US, went to a party in Moreno and had coronavirus

This is a 24-year-old boy who returned to the country on March 13. The patient is now isolated in the City of Buenos Aires

A striking case of citizen irresponsibility occurred in the Buenos Aires party of Moreno. When all the alarms for the pandemic were already on, a 24-year-old man did everything he should not do. After returning from the United States, breached the duty to remain in mandatory quarantine for 14 days and decided to go to a party of 15 in which there were about 100 guests. In the end, what everyone believed was confirmed: he was infected with coronavirus.

The data comes from the last epidemiological report of the Buenos Aires municipality. According to this survey, the infected returned from abroad to Argentina on March 13 and attended a private celebration in the town of La Reja, a day later. After presenting the symptoms and confirming the positive, he was hospitalized in isolation in a health center in the City of Buenos Aires.

Moreno’s health authorities learned of the case after their peers in the Federal Capital gave notice. According to Infobae, the young man lives in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo, but has a declared address in the Buenos Aires party.

Recklessness could have more serious consequences. As is known, the Covid-19 has a high ability to transmit between people. Municipal sources indicated to Infobae that there are already 10 attendees of the fifteen party who present the symptoms of the disease. Two are adults older than 76 and 79 years and, therefore, belong to the risk groups. Both were hospitalized and isolated for prevention.

From the municipality they informed that they are tracking the routes of displacement and the contacts of the young person to take the necessary measures of epidemiological blockade, isolation and corresponding assistance. “

In parallel, the municipality headed by the mayor Mariel Fernández they will promote a criminal complaint for the violation of quarantine, a crime that can involve from 15 days to 2 years in prison. In addition, they will file a civil lawsuit for damages against the community that brings reckless behavior.

“He became Moreno’s public enemy,” said a local government source.

The patient, who is in good health, is the second case that was positively confirmed by coronavirus in one of the most populous municipalities in the suburbs. Before there was a first: again, an infected person who returned from the United States on March 14.

When the first symptoms were detected, on day 15, he was transferred through the SAME to the Mariano and Luciano de la Vega Hospital, where he remains in isolation. Samples were taken and, for having prepaid coverage, they referred him to a private clinic. “It is in good general condition,” the report warns.

In relation to this first case of Moreno’s coronavirus, the Epidemiological Surveillance Program reported that its “close contacts are in isolation and in follow-up.” For now, everyone is asymptomatic.

Total, the municipality of Moreno ruled out about seven cases with the possibility of having contracted Covid-19. Two more people and seven suspected are under study.

This Saturday confirmed the fourth death from coronavirus in the country, a 67-year-old patient who was hospitalized in intensive care at a clinic in the town of Luján.

The cases of people infected by the pandemic continue to rise in the world, and also in Argentina. Yesterday, on the first day of compulsory social isolation, the Ministry of Health of the Nation confirmed 30 new positives and the total number reached 158 infected throughout the national territory.

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