Grupo Dinosaurio launched voluntary retreats for five business units

The paralysis of activities that have caused the mandatory isolation measures taken to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic led the Dinosaur Group to decide to launch voluntary retreats to shrink the structures in five business units.

The head of the Group, Euclides ‘Tati’ Bugliotti, informed The voice The areas in question are the Orfeo Superdome, the Orfeo Suites hotels in the city of Córdoba and Salsipuedes, the cinemas of Córdoba and Alta Gracia, and the Karmya and Karmya Deportes stores that operate in the different malls of the company.

“There are 300 or so employees who work in these units,” Bugliotti said.

The businessman explained that, beyond the total paralysis that these areas are experiencing at present, the problem is that it envisions a bleak future when the containment measures are lifted.

“The theaters, hotels or the Orpheus do not know when they will start. And in the stores, when we open, who is going to come to buy top brand clothing with the crisis? Let’s not fool ourselves, no matter how good will we all put it, the recovery will be very slow ”, regretted Bugliotti.

For this reason, he considered that they have no alternative but to “shrink the structure.” “We do not see a rebound, we will not be able to bear the commitments,” he continued.

In this framework, he complained that the unions are not collaborating in this situation. “If I want to move people from one side to another; for example, from movie theaters to the supermarket, they are opposed because they have to change their union, ”he remarked.

Regarding the possibility of managing some official aid, he indicated that they have not requested it nor do they plan to do so.

“The government has too many problems for us to add one more. Unfortunately, this is an adjustment that people have to understand is going to happen, because the country is not the same as it was three months ago, “Bugliotti concluded.

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