Governor of Salta asked the President for the presence of the Army

Gustavo Sáenz, provincial president, warned about the permeability of the border with Bolivia and called for the intervention of national forces

The Governor of Salta, Gustavo Sáenz, traveled the extensive border that the province has with Bolivia and detected traffic in at least 30 illegal steps. He indicated that in crises like this “the competition must belong to everyone” and assured that the Gendarmería does not have “sufficient resources” to exercise efficient control.

The Salta president issued a message highlighting the firm decision of President Alberto Fernández to establish Social, Preventive and Mandatory Isolation, but after crossing the border that the province of Salta has with the neighboring country, considers the presence of the National Gendarmerie in this vast territory insufficient, so it asks the Nation for the Army’s support in this task.

“We need the Army on the streets, on the borders, guaranteeing the entry and passage of no one. It is a human resource that can help us in times of crisis.” In addition, he asked to put aside “ideological, religious or political struggles, because the fight is against an invisible enemy.”

Sáenz recalled the support he received in his brief administration from the Argentine Army in the fight against the lack of infrastructure, water and in cases of child malnutrition. “They showed solidarity, humanity and commitment,” he said.

“Imbeciles and irresponsible”

In his message he thanked the people of Salta who respect isolation, but reported that In the entire province there are 600 delayed for not complying with the measure that has been in force since Friday throughout the country, whom he considered “imbeciles and irresponsible”.

Before the arrests, he referred to problems of competition between national and federal justice: “I think once and for all we should see that in times of crisis, competition should belong to everyone.”

He thanked most of the people of Salta for the commitment to be at home and recalled that in Salta of 24 cases under study, only one is positive, there are eight in analysis and the rest were discarded.

Closure to speculative businesses

On the other hand, Governor Sáenz described as “criminals” those who take advantage of the need and fear of the people, highlighting prices in supermarkets and businesses.

Whoever remarks a price or does not want to sell speculating, we are going to fall with the full weight of the law. We are going to close the business, if necessary for life, “he said, pointing out that” this pandemic is cured with isolation and solidarity. “

“Perhaps history will judge us for having done many things that may seem ridiculous to many, such as flying over our beloved province asking people to enter their homes. But I assure you that it will be worse for us to be judged for not having done enough “he finished.

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