Government seeks to speed up “rescue plan” for SMEs

The National Government wants to speed up the measure because next week some 700,000 small and medium-sized companies will have to pay wages

Against the clock, this is how they work for these hours in the Ministry of Labor to regulate how the Government will take over a part of the wages of SME workers, most of whom are hit hard by the economic paralysis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. . For now, the only certainty is that the relief will be only for SMEs that have up to 25 employees.

“We are going to simplify the process, before entering REPRO (Productive Recovery Program) papers were requested backwards, now we are going to work forward, because the crisis is beginning,” they explained from the labor portfolio. But they clarified that “the amount to be paid is not yet defined, because Economy is sharpening the pencil.”

He was referring to the fact that the ministry led by Martín Guzmán is evaluating whether the State will pay SMEs an amount equivalent to the minimum, vital and mobile salary, that is $ 16,875. That It could be what they receive for each employee they have registered, SMEs that have up to 25 employees.

The benefit will, in principle, reach all sectors. “Obviously we are targeting restaurants, cafes, hotels and the most affected sectors, but it could also be that there is a small supermarket that has less than 25 employees and, although it is a sector that has not been affected, it could also receive the benefit,” they assured. from Work.

In the Government they aim to have the regulation with all its details ready by Friday at the latest, although – they are cut – it could be Monday. The rush is because next week some 700,000 SMEs that employ 5 million workers, will have to pay wages. And the vast majority, will take at least 15 days paralyzed and without billing a penny.

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