Gender violence and quarantine: there were 12 femicides and they ask for an emergency to be declared

The compulsory coexistence, product of the social isolation decreed by the Government, supposes a nightmare for all those women who are immersed in a situation of gender violenceThey must constantly share the home with their attackers.

Since the measure in force in our country, 12 femicides, and one is under investigation. Five of them took place in the last 48 hours.

This Saturday, they were found murdered and buried in the patio of their house in Monte Chingolo Cristina Iglesias and her daughter Ada, seven years old. The main suspect in the crime is the woman’s boyfriend.

In tucuman a man killed his two-year-old daughter to get revenge on his partner and then committed suicide. The same day, the Mar del Plata Police found the body of Claudia Repetto, the woman who was wanted since March 1; his ex-partner, Ricardo Rodríguez confessed to the murder.

In Jump, the Police found dead Salta María Leonor Gine, a 70-year-old woman, and they suspect her grandson. Meanwhile in BarilocheThey found lifeless near a stream to Haydé Salazar, 54, who had been last seen on March 22. They investigate if it was a femicide.

“We believe that we are in an emergency, it is urgent to take these measures“said Gabriela Sosa, Executive Director of the Federal Bureau of Mumala.

Through a video, which was uploaded to the group’s social networks, the feminist referent said that presented three suggestions to the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity to help women who are immersed in situations of gender violence and their families.

The first of them consists of to ease, in coordination with the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and the Judiciary, the complaints and protective measures for women victims of violence. “That is to say that through the Internet, telephones, WhatsApp messaging and other victims can easily and promptly access those channels,” said Sosa.

In this line, the portfolio in charge of Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta reported that from the Ministry they decided to reinforce the actions and national mechanisms for caring for people in situations of gender-based violence.

The line 144 continues to serve normally. Further, they added the mail Y two numbers to communicate via WhatsApp (+54 11 2771-6463 / +54 11 2775 9047/48). The agency also launched a free mobile application.

Mumala also requested two measures aimed at financially helping those women (and their families) who are also in a vulnerable situation. “The second proposal has to do with the urgency of an emergency allocation and the third aims to an emergency allowance for family members of women victims of femicide, “explained Sosa in reference to the three proposals that brought him closer to the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity.

In this sense, the Minister also announced that, together with the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation, in recent days they incorporated 270 women in a situation of gender violence in the We Make Future program to provide them social and economic assistance. And they work with union organizations, which they made available union hotels for extreme situations due to gender violence.

Regarding the attention to the complaints, the Ministry also explained that added personnel and technological resources to try to protect victims of gender violence during this period. “We made available on the website the guide to the geolocated resources with which the line works,” they announced.

Likewise, the Ministry reported that it is working together with “provincial, local governments and with civil society, community and territorial organizations to strengthen comprehensive protection homes and manage necessary resources.”

The measures taken in the world

In this emergency context, the UN Women warned in a report that “Risks of violence against women and girls increase, especially domestic violence, due to increased tensions in the home and may also increase the isolation of women. “

Likewise, the agency specified that “the survivors of violence can face obstacles additional for flee from violent situations or for access protection orders and / or essential life-saving services due to factors such as movement restrictions or quarantine. “

Along these lines, since violence against women is a global problem, measures to protect them were also taken in different countries.


The Government created a instant chat to protect victims of gender violence during isolation. Women who are in home emergency must send an alert message by instant messaging with geolocation, which will reach the State Security Forces and Corps.

The Ministry of Equality also launched a contingency plan to prevent, control and minimize these risks. To guarantee assistance to possible victims, they will be considered as essential services those intended for your protection, such as 24-hour care devices, the reception of victims at risk, emergency centers, supervised flats, safe accommodation for victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking, etc.

From the Ministry of Justice, they announced that the violence courts will continue to operate and “will perform the corresponding guard services. In particular, they must ensure the issuance of protection orders and any precautionary measures regarding violence against women and minors. ”


The Chilean Ministry of Women published a Contingency Plan that seeks to protect women who are exposed during the quarantine. In this frame, reinforced personal attention of line 1455.

Furthermore, during this emergency period they continue Operational Centers for Women and Shelter Houses.


The Secretary for Women also announced the strengthening the hotline to women. The “purple line” (through the free number 01 8000 112 137 or WhatsApp 300 755 18 46) is open 24 hours a day, 24/7, to provide advice.


The Uruguayan government also reinforced the lines of attention for domestic violence. “We know that in these days when we stay longer at home, risk situations for women increase,” published the Ministry of Social Development.

Women who are experiencing a situation of violence in Uruguay have the telephone guidance service at the numbers 0800-4141 and * 4141 (from the cell phone). It is free, confidential, nationwide and works 365 days a year, Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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