From this Monday 200 stations of Ecobicis and the electric skateboards return to work

Starting this Monday, the Ecobikes and the service of skateboards in the City of Buenos Aires, with shifts of just 30 minutes, with the aim that they are used for short trips as an alternative to public transport.

“What we want to encourage is for people to walk, to walk to the shops in their neighborhood or to use Ecobikes for 30 minutes as an alternative for public transport, that it remains only for essential workers ”, explained the Minister of Public Space, Clara Muzzio.

Is so 200 of the 382 stations will be reactivated Ecobici, which will be operational from Monday to Sunday for routes of less than five kilometers per shift with the aim of promoting bicycle rotation and encouraging alternative means of transport.

“The stations near the transfer centers to facilitate the train-bike or sub-bike combination, with this means of mobility that implies a lower risk of COVID-19 infection because you go alone and have no contact with anyone, “said Muzzio.

While the service of 200 skateboards It will also be available with a maximum duration of 30 minutes, and will be at no cost to health personnel. For the rest, they will have a value of 25 pesos the unlocking and 10 pesos for each minute of use. Initially it will be available for use in the neighborhoods of Palermo, Recoleta and in the downtown.

The official of the Buenos Aires Government explained that in both services a special cleaning and disinfection protocol, which will run at least twice a day.

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