For the Province, in 15 days, 70% of the industries will be active

In the next 15 days, Córdoba will have 70 percent of its industries active, all with the implementation of biosafety protocols.

This is so because to the 80 industries that the Emergency Operations Center (COE) and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mining of the Province that authorized to leave the quarantine until yesterday, were added another 170 that from today will achieve the go-ahead to resume activity, then join the isolation to slow the advance of the coronavirus.

The announcement was made this afternoon by the Lieutenant Governor, Manuel Calvo; Minister Eduardo Accastello; the Secretary of Industry, Fernando Sibilla, and the coordinator of the COE, Juan Ledesma, who warned that of the 250 industries enabled, 60 percent are from Córdoba Capital and 40 percent from the interior.

Governor Juan Schiaretti also referred to the matter through his Twitter account.

Schiaretti on the easing of quarantine: There are still sectors that we must continue to take care of

Most of them are mainly metallurgical and auto parts industries, producers of construction materials and white goods manufacturers.

“The biosafety protocols are specific to each industrial sector, but the commitment not to use public passenger transport, the traceability of where the employee was and the fulfillment of two production shifts with cleaning, hygiene and safety of the facilities are guaranteed” Accastello warned.

The announcement was advanced today by La Voz just after noon.

Quarantine flexibility: the Province released the activity in some 250 companies

Within this group are Fiat Chrysler Automóbile (FCA), which will not be able to start work on Monday the 11th as it was intended, since it needs its suppliers to start working a week before. The provincial authorities estimate that they would start seven days later.

The same is true of the Renault Argentina plant in Santa Isabel, which will take another week yet.

Automotive: time trials for the reopening of the plants

Although this 70 percent is about 35 thousand companies, which represent 80 percent of the production process and 80 percent of industrial workers, the companies that will leave the quarantine will not do so at their usual pace, but will start with 30 percent. one hundred to 40 percent of its workers, another commitment made with the authorities to lessen the impact of the greater movement of people that this will cause.

According to Sibilla, 30 percent of the remaining industries are made up of companies such as footwear, textiles, leather, plastics linked to the food, graphic, chemical and capital goods sectors, whose situation will be resolved once it is put into activity to already authorized companies.

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