Fear arises in the Premier League

EFE / EPA / ANDY RAIN / Archive
EFE / EPA / ANDY RAIN / Archive

London, May 22 (EFE) .- The return to training in the Premier League has sparked fear in some players, who have shown their refusal to train and their concern about an early and hasty return to football.
Figures in the United Kingdom exceed 300 deaths every day and in total more than 35,000 people have died on the islands due to choroanvirus, but the Premier League is pushing for a return in June that not everyone sees clearly.
Few have spoken, but they have done so harshly. The most striking case and the one that has attracted the most attention in a league that faces losses of more than 1,000 million euros in the event of non-resumption is that of N’golo Kanté.
The French footballer returned to training on Tuesday, when the clubs voted in favor of training in small groups and surprised fans with his new look, with light hair shoots emerging on his head.
But Kanté soon made headlines for something other than her hairstyle. On Wednesday he no longer showed up to train at the sports city of Chelsea in London.
The 29-year-old midfielder alleged that he is not sure about this situation and the London club understood his circumstances. Kanté suffered a blackout in 2018 for which he had to undergo tests – which allowed him to continue playing soccer – and his brother died of a heart attack the same year.
In addition, the UK statistics office released a study that claims that black players are more likely to die from coronaviruses in England and Wales.
For now, Kanté is the first big case in a large team to refuse to train, but not the only one throughout the Premier League.
The players faced tests between the end of last week and the beginning of this week. Of the 748 tests that were carried out on soccer players and employees, six were positive. A Watford player and two employees from the suburban London team, an assistant coach from Burnley and two people from an undisclosed club.
The players, after the first few days of small group practice, will face testing again this Friday, and the results will come to light throughout the weekend.
Despite these precautionary measures, which include the complete disinfection of training grounds and sports equipment, there are players who are not convinced, such as the case of Watford captain Troy Deeney.
The English striker refused to train and argued that his five-month-old son suffers from respiratory problems.
“I’ve lost my father, my grandmother, my grandfather … that’s more important to me than a few more pounds in my pocket,” said Deeney.
He did not like this early return to Danny Rose, on loan from Tottenham to Newcastle United.
“People believe that we should go back to football as if we were laboratory rats or guinea pigs,” said the English winger.
Added to all this is the refusal of some players to return to training and put themselves at risk due to the proximity of June 30, the date on which the contracts of some players end.
As a way to rectify this, the Premier clubs voted to extend the contracts that end on that date until the end of the season (it is expected that by the end of July), but several footballers do not welcome the risk now , when they can have already signed or signed their future outside their current clubs.
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